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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. My name is Captain Leeroy and I have been roleplaying on Jedi Academy for about nine years now and I have recently made a new community. We are a casual RP community and consist of about 10 members. We are looking for new players to join us in our story. If you are interested in joining, please visit our forums and register to find out more, we look forward to hearing from you. http://w11.zetaboards.com/RPG_JediAcademy/index/
  2. What are some essential PC RPGs? Strong characters are a must. Naming the obvious ones is fine . I also remember reading some post on this forum where a member was talking about a game that was recommended to them, and I think they said something like "All the characters are written up to the level of Kreia." IF one of you could tell me what game that was I'd be grateful.
  3. London, December 20th, 1791 London, a city that never rests. The streets are bustling with people going about their business, filled with seasonal cheer, untouched by the fear gripping some of the cities on the continent. Amongst the busy streets and good cheer, couriers are about their work, delivering messages all across the city. They are all being paid by one man, and they all carry the same message – Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) _______________________________________________ King’s Theatre – 9.00PM Thomas Leyton sat at his desk in the well-lit cellar, filling in his journal. “…furthermore, I have sent messages to a select group of individuals. Persons whom, I hope will make valued additions to our organisation, and take the fight to our enemies, who, if the reports from France and Austria are to be believed, are growing in strength. This may well be my last entry for some time, which is why I shall leave this book in the hands of my manservant, with instructions to hand it to the Bishop of London, a trusted friend, should anything befall me” He set his quill down, closed the book, and placed it in a silk sheath, before handing it to his servant, who had been waiting patiently. “Keep it somewhere safe, and don’t remove it unless it is necessary,” Charles, his servant, had served him faithfully for many years – and he considered him a valued friend. So valued, in fact, that he would be left in charge of Thomas’ holdings in England. He sent him away, and then looked at his watch. In a few hours, he would be meeting with those individuals he had notes sent to this morning. He wondered how many of them, if any, would come, if only to satisfy their own curiosity. He stood up, put on his cloak, and grabbed his hat and cane. He often liked to take in the night air, and savour the atmosphere of London, even on such a cold night as this – and he would require a clear head for what was to come.
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