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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. My name is Captain Leeroy and I have been roleplaying on Jedi Academy for about nine years now and I have recently made a new community. We are a casual RP community and consist of about 10 members. We are looking for new players to join us in our story. If you are interested in joining, please visit our forums and register to find out more, we look forward to hearing from you. http://w11.zetaboards.com/RPG_JediAcademy/index/
  2. Hello all. i am new to these forums and am looking to buy one of the games. I am not sure which one to get. I am new to the KOTOR series so help me out please? I know that there is a ONE and a TWO but isnt there also an MMO?? is there a 3rd KOTOR?? im pretty confused and would like some help deciding which one to buy. I am looking for the one with the most RPG elements, i love rpg's. Who doesnt?? So should i get KOTOR 1 or 2 or the mmo or the third if there is one?
  3. What are some essential PC RPGs? Strong characters are a must. Naming the obvious ones is fine . I also remember reading some post on this forum where a member was talking about a game that was recommended to them, and I think they said something like "All the characters are written up to the level of Kreia." IF one of you could tell me what game that was I'd be grateful.
  4. Web RPGs There are millions of them. I've never bothered with them, but i have come close to contemplating the possibility of perhaps checking them out. But choosing one out of so many seems to be quite foreboding. So I ask you: Have you played web RPGs? Which ones are good? I suppose a major one right now would be this Evony thing, which has ads all over the net. Well, the photoshopped princesses/queens/whatevers mustve not worked, cause now theyve done away with the women and just kept the boobs. (Or maybe it worked spectacularly, and now they just want to streamline their advertising)
  5. Simply put, list your own ideas about everything and anything dealing with RPGs; setting, dialogue, classes, feats, yadda, yadda, yadda. I'll break the ice: The party is one of the pillars of RPG storytelling and gameplay. I believe that in order to have a more human understanding and immersion into the game, there should be deep characters that reflect the current setting. By this, NPC party members should have individual and unique habits, obsessions, tics, and backgrounds, which can all be investigated by the protagonist. Additionally, the NPCs should interact with each other, rather than conversing with the player alone. The NPCs can then develop rivalries and friendships, and through this, reveal more about themselves towards the player. To be continued...
  6. okay this is a thread about making up stories about battle front 2 or tell personnal expirences playing the game
  7. Who wants to play a 3D isometric platformer/RPG? Enter Mr. Robot, probably one of the more creative games that I've seen in awhile. Created by indie developer Moonpod, the premise is simple; You're a robot on a expeditionary ship to a Earth-like planet called Prime, and the main AI goes on the fritz. The gameplay is quite innovative, as there are two "worlds" in the game, each with its own unique gameplay. The "real world" is the platformer; You solve puzzles by moving blocks and jumping around everywhere. The second world is very Tron-like, and it is accessed by logging into a terminal. This is where the RPG element comes into play, and it involves moving around to different areas of the computer and destroying rogue programs through a turn-based interface. The graphics are somewhat cartoonish, but they are clean and well polished. The music, however, is a bit bland for my tastes, but is still satisfying. Although you can get the free demo and buy the full version of the game off of the official website, you can also get the full version for free off of GameTap. Overall, I hope most of you will be pleased with this satisfying morsel of a game.
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