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Found 3 results

  1. Well, it's finally here. Saw it this morning at midnight...The Dark Knight. The continuation of the Batman series with Christian Bale (spelling?). And let me be the first to tell you, it was well worth the wait. Ledger is golden as the Joker and he creates a truly believeable insane villain with chilling results. The joker, in the first place, is the greatest comic book villain ever (opinion of course), and I don't feel that he was given true justice in the old "Batman" film. Now, he is shown as a schizophrenic mad man who has a very sadistic view on criminals and crime fighters. Anyway, as for my ramblings on, these are just my opinons. Please use this thread as a place to review the movie, ask questions, etc. Just ask yourself... "Why so serious?"
  2. I can't believe there is no thread for The Dark Knight here. Either that, or it didn't noticed it when I did a search. Twas here ~tk Oh, my bad. :S Ah well.... Whatever. Honestly, I haven't been more excited for a movie since probably Casino Royale. I've already bought my tickets for the midnight screening next week. So, now all I have to do it wait till then. But, I will be going to watch Batman Begins and Gotham Knight before I go see it. Here is a link for some vids and clips from The Dark Knight. Although, I do suggest you don't watch them if you don't want to spoil anything. Also check out the website for The Dark Knight if you just want to see the trailers. Thoughts?
  3. Instead of posting in the old "I believe in Harvey Dent" thread I decided to make a new one. So, the trailer for The Dark Knight came online today. First off, what do you think? I'm overly hyped already. I just hope they make the story good and not try to cram too many villains in one picture. I think they succeeded in transforming the Joker into the 21st century. I'm glad they didn't take the same approach that Burton did in the first Batman movie. I like that the Joker is portrayed as this evil psychopath instead of just a criminal with clown make-up who likes to play small pranks on people.
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