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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there. I love the people’s creative ideas. I finished the game a few years ago, and is still one of my top favourites, dispite the graphics, it’s very good for that time. I think this game will be excellent in developing a movie, with the original actor voices.Whether as an animation or even real life movie, but a movie might be too expensive. Based on the old game, I would suggest that if a new ‘The Dig’ game would be made, it should keep the actors voice, with an enhanced or remastered soundtrack, with high quality graphics, but still to keep the sort of ‘ pastel sketches of the old game into the new game, otherwise the game might loose the original feeling of the landscapes and atmosphere found in the pastel sketches. Who agrees? And maybe the game could be longer, with more scenes from the book. If there wil ever be a game or movie made, sign me up 
  2. So, after lugging my five huge bags of (mostly) scifi books to the used book store, I got a 500 Kr bill and the question "If you wan't a couple of new books, just grab something from the shelf". Now, I'm about to move to another home, so the whole point of getting rid of these books was to not have so much lose junk to lug around. I was about to decline and walk out the door, when the familiar DIG logo caught my eye from one of the bookshelves. I figured, heck, how much can it suck? I'll give it a chance. Now, I'm no huge DIG fanatic, I like the game like any other average point n clicker obviously would, I am however specifically in love with the games' backdrop art, music and overall ambiance. The actual story never really stuck out to me as something worth getting all literate about. However, I decided to revisit the world of Cocytus a quickie by reading the book, and I'm very glad I did. It brought me back to the beautiful purple/orange world and had me bathing in it's visual wonders once again. I liked being back. The story however was no doubts lacking, as everything that really mattered sort of suddenly got insta-solved on the last two pages of the book. I must admit though that I remember having the same feeling when beating the game. All pieces of the puzzle sort of dropped in place in a period of five minutes at the end, leaving the player/reader nothing but dazzled by all the cheap auto-happy-solutions. I personally, would not have minded if Foster took some liberties with the original story and tried to avoid the big deus-ex-machina type solution, or at least tried to embed it a bit better into the overall story arc. As a stand-alone novel I think I would have dissed this book quite badly if it weren't for the fact that I have played the game and loved it's ambiance and art direction. As it is now, I found it a pleasant way to pass the time when sitting on the tram zooming about in Gothenburg. Now, I'm curious to hear if anyone else here has read the book, and if so, what where your feelings about it? Also, are there any die-hard DIG fans out there who read the book? Did it strengthen the story or break it?
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