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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings! =|TD|= is a new clan created July 17, 2009. We are focused on the NF Side of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. We have a server, which can the IP can be found on our forums. Website: http://tranquildomain.ipbfree.com If you are wanting to join =|TD|= you must agree to follow these 6 simple rules. 1. Follow the Server and forum rules at ALL times 2. No Racism. Racism will not be tolerated and you will be banned immediately. 3. No Argueing with or impersonating an admin. 4. Do Not Disrupt The Server In Any Way 5. DO NOT PESTER ADMINS 6. Support the Admins And Other Clan Members Promotions Skill level has nothing to do with promotions. Maturity has everything to do with it. We would rather have someone who can barely play, is a lot of fun and carries with them a sense of integrity, than someone who is PWNTASTIC and acts immature. In holding ourselves to a higher standard of conduct, we lead by example and it is more likely you will be kicked or banned for rule breaking than someone who hasn't joined the forums. Getting promoted also has nothing to do with time in the clan. We cannot stress this enough. It is the effort you put into the servers and the contributions you make to the clan. Some factors we look at include: 1. Your playing time in the servers and love of the game. 2. Your maturity and ability to make the correct decisions in the servers. 3. Your forum activity - Do you contribute to the clan outside of playing the game? 4. Age - We try and keep an even balance between younger and older 5. Donations do not guarantee a promotion, but they do get you noticed. People who donate are mentioned in the news, allowing others to learn your name quicker and so might watch to see if you meet the 4 above requirements a little quicker than someone who did not make the news. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE TO BE PROMOTED. The vast majority of Admins are not donors. The best way to NEVER get promoted is "ASKING FOR A PROMOTION". Just play and have fun. More information is available on our forums.
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