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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm running Jedi Academy v 1.01 and as far as I know, the JKA has three options of ingame subtitles: - None - In cinematics - All voice-overs However, I have only two of them: "None" and "In cinematics". Why don't I have the "All voice-overs" option? Was it removed after upgrading or...? Please answer.
  2. Are you guys aware of this issue in Loom - steam version: In the village, at the beginning of the game, when you enter the tent on the far right with the green dye, the line "Grass green. I hate that color." is cut off. He says "Grass green. I hate that col..". :¬: I tried deleting local content and re-downloading, but still the same. So it has to be common with this Steam release. The old cd release does not have this issue. The audio should be intact in the CDDA.SOU file, but the end mark for that line must just be a second too short. Is there any chance it can be fixed? Thanks!
  3. Copied from http://www.swtor.com My concern is that the guilds who've advertised in the Outpost and are feasible for my play style all either require or strongly encourage the use of Ventrillo. I myself have never played a voiced MMO, nor have I used Vent, but have used Teamspeak in the past and, if they work the same way, then I can't imagine having to concentrate on hearing what I'm being told by an NPC quest-giver AND listening to what could be important instructions in Vent. Not only that, but when in a highly populated zone with many merchants and quest-givers, there could be tons of background voices from other people talking to other NPCs at the same time. Does anyone have any experience with this? I foresee the duelling voices in my head getting very annoying very quickly. Or maybe I'm making it out to be more than what it really is.
  4. I'm not exactly sure where to put this so I figured I might as well ask here. Is it possible to voice the player character? If it is, are there any tutorials on how to undertake sucha venture?
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