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Found 4 results

  1. im trying to rename the Blastech DL-44 that Han Solo Uses but dont know where the naming configuration is.. Can someone please help? =)
  2. Decided to replay kotor, as i've only ever done some of the first few missions before, and see it through to the end. Game runs fine apart from the fact that none of the weapons have any textures. sorry if this has already been posted elsewhere but I have searched through most of the forums and not been able to find an answer. Am running Win 7 Pro x64 intel core 2 quad q9550 @ 2.9Ghz Ati Radeon HD6670 catalyst version 12.7 4Gb Ram I am only running uniws mod, to set res to 1920x1080 and stop suggested resolution popup on my monitor, and am using nocd patch as the discs are a bit old and scratched. Have tried wotor mod and there are no textures on those either. Any and all help much appreciated. Thanks
  3. hey peeps thought id start this as aint seen much on the upgrades, and whats worth the dosh and whats a total waste of time an effort. dont really consider this as any kind of spoiler cause it doesnt really refer to any plot points. obviously ill assume ya got all the stuff ya can get by doing the story mode and side missions. guitar strings: the ones to max shocker range and power, as means ya can do damage to alot of enemies before they even lay a slimy paw on ya and totally wrecks the vehicles axe: the leechy one that heals as ya whack. means you can open the can of whoop ass for that wee bit longer before ya gotta run off squeeling an hide lol deuce primary weapon: honestly the normal rocket. it seems to have a decent range, ability to lock onto targets (unlike another 'un which consistently will fly over enemies heads which really makes me blood boil), and unlike alot of weapons will actually stop your enemy attacking most of the time. deuce secondary weapon: the good old flames, cause ya can just plough thro the enemies and those ya dont smack with your bumper, ya'll usually set on fire (which totally knackers the grave diggers) and ya can then proceed to reverse back over them again with the flames still on. mucho satisfyin
  4. Hi, I think it would be great to have a function attached to an interface button or a keyboard key that lets the player holster/unequip the weapons of his party. I know that I can use the equipment screen to unequip weapons, but this is a bit tedious to do for the hole party. A holster function would by my mind greatly improve the role playing feeling. For example on Taris where my chracter is told to draw no attention and keep a low profile, it looks weird running around with drawn weapons all the time. I think that it would be cool if the player would be able to holster the parties weapons in such cases. Hope someone finds this idea attractive enough to create such a mod. I would be glad to help as far as I can. For example when it comes to creating an image for a button or such. Greetings Xiskio UPDATE -------- After I did some more research on this, I found out that modding KoTOR is not so different from modding NWN2, what I did a lot in the past, so I decided to start such a mod by myself (Mod Thread). Have Fun Xiskio
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