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Can't post. Too busy playing...

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I am too busy playing Republic: the revolution Man I only have it for a few hours and I can see that I'm going to get totally hooked on this game...


Next to that, I try to make a map for Enemy territoryand try to play the game every now and then too.


Next to that I had the chance to play the amazing Tron2.0 and was amazed of the single player experience cause it was kickass! (the glow man! the glow!)


And to top it all of they are releasing a demo of homeworld 2 today so I'll have to try that one out too...


And to top it all of: I have to work 8 hours a day, 4 days a week...

Now where did I leave those plans for a timemachine?


*Ysbreker out*

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I have Tron 2.0 as well! I bought it and Syberia for my birthday gift. I started Tron over the weekend, but decided to leave off after meeting Mercury for the first time. I wanted something slower, so I begain Syberia. I'll post later today, but in a nutshell, whereas Tron is fast paced and beautiful and demanding, Syberia is a relaxing change of pace for me.

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Thanks for the tip-off on the release of the Homeworld 2 demo, Ys. Loved the first game. :)


And let us know how Republic plays please - I remember reading about this game when it was still just an idea (before the developers had even looked into how to graphically produce it) and it sounded fascinating but I see the reviews so far are a bit mixed.

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Well I managed to sqeeze in some more republic game time, and I can tell you it is awesome :) The learnig curve is quite steep, but it is very rewarding when you finally get the hang of the game.


You have a birdseye view of the city you're currently try to 'conquer', which looks quite stunning. The town has a real livelike feel to it. Cars zoom about, people stroll through the parks and the occasional bird zooms by.


The interface is very well done and everything is accesible with just a few mouseclicks, and you can keep track of everything that goes around the town from multiple angles.


the only downside I can think of is that it is a bit of a resource hog, it needs all the ram in your pc and then some more. Plus having a state of the art videocard will help you a lot too.


Trying to point out a genre the game belongs to is very hard to do, cause it mixes so much genres up it is very hard to point out the diffrent ones. Just to give you an example: your main character and henchmen gain experience and can level up as if it's an rpg, but the way you conduct investigations reminds me of the sims. In a good way.


It is defiantely worht my moeny, it is a game I can play for many hours and loose yourself completely in. Try it!



here's a first impression by gamerswithjobs.com






Good thing I got a bit of a quiet moment now at work =)

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