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Happy Birthday to me, dammit!!

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Well Dammit, Thank You All!


It goes without saying that AG is the centre of our cyber universe, a celebration of warmth and dirty minds with every post. Heh...


I'm still here at work. They gave me delicious cake with edible multicoloured pixels (which one of the managers baked herself), and a charming birthday card - oogle.gif with Tom Jones on it with his shirt open! And the other evening my niece forced me again to watch Queer Eye with her and then took me out and bought my next two weeks of groceries as her present to me. And my family's been emailing me wishes and sending me cards. After work I'm gonna go to a favourite bar for some solitary, reflective bourbon and soda and to give the lovely bar-d00d guy whom I adore some chocolate truffles.


Originally posted by Kingzjester

Where is Trep, anyway? Haven't seen him since the forum keeled over into the Styx.


Not surprised. Charybdis had that day off.

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