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Never say never!

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I remember when I was a lad I was Nintendo junkie... I pitied the foo that didn't like Nintendo and hated Sega... I said to my self I'd NEVER buy anything from Sega... Now I have a Dremcast and all the Sega complialtions out there (Sega Smash Pack, Sonic Mega Collection)...:o

And a year ago I said I'd NEVER buy an Xbox and I hated Microsoft...

Now I have an Xbox and I think I know the reason why Windows crashes and its not all their fault... I also have lots of Microsoft Games (Age of Empires, Age of Mythology)...:(

A few months ago I said the Nokia N Gage was the stupidest idea ever and that I'd NEVER buy it!

Now my mobile phone is nearly "dead", and my sister has shown me how cool java games can be... and now I'm gonna buy one when it comes out!:rolleyes:

So NEVER say NEVER! I bet I will end up with a copy of Daitakana because I said I'd NEVER buy one....

Just in case..... (crosses fingers behind back and uses a sarcastic tone).

The new Phantom console will rule! I will defintly buy one!

(uncrossed fingers and speaks normally)

You can never be too carefull! I might end up buying one if i say I won't buy it!:D

Am I the only to whom this kind of stuff happens?:confused:

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If you're eyeing the N-Gage, my advice would be to stay clear of it for at least a year. Wait and see if the game lineup actually manages to improve.


Some examples of how it stands today:

- Port of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater for PlayStation

- Port of Splinter Cell for GBA

- Port of Red Faction for PS2 and PC

- 'New' Sonic game called Sonic N (Looks strikingly similar to Sonic Advance 1, I don't know how they managed to claim this is a new one)

- Port of Rayman 3 for GBA (Some new multiplayer features, I think)

- Port of Pandemonium for PlayStation and PC (Yes, that really old one)


There are no original titles to be found there, apart from perhaps some of the sports titles (I doubt it, but I'm not into sports games so I can't be sure) and Nokia's single internally-developed game called Pathway to Glory.


Aside from that, Nokia is planning to release improved versions of the N-Gage in the near future, so you'd be well advised to stay away until then. Then, of course, there's the matter of the hefty pricetag... $300 USD.

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Kingzjester, didn't Jack say he would never hurt his son in "The Shinning"?:p


Well since he never got to kill the kid, I am not sure it counts, but he tried to kill him!


But I was talking about buying stuff, I don't think saying "I will never be a millionaire and I will never marry Angelina Jolie!" would work.:rolleyes:

About the Phantom... IMHO I think it will flop and it looks like a rip-off, I wouldn't even remember it if it wasn't for Penny Arcade...


Royal Fool, I already said that my mobile phone is not working, I am using a borrowed one... So I do NEED a new mobile phone...

I think it would be better to spend 300$ on the N-Gage when it comes out, that buying any other phone to replace mine and wait for the newer ones...

And if they release new versions of the N-gage the main difference will probally be a digi-cam or something like that, I bet they won't make games that work on the newer N-gage but not on the first one... At least I hope they dont:(

And anyway... Even if it flops its a very good mobile phone... and I can always get the java phone version of Prince Of Persia...:D

And for one brief moment I will have a cooler mobile phone than my sister!:cool:

By the way, I wonder if they will ever make an adventure game playable on a mobile phone? They already made Broken Sword I for the GBA, so maybe it is possible? I don't know maybe Maniac Mansion, or Monkey Island?:o

I just want a portable adventure game!!:mad:

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I dont get all this fuss about phones? Like why do you need a colour screen?? Would having better speakers/recievers/reception/networks be more useful than being able to see the number your dialing in pink?


Like Ive got a friend with a camera phone, it cost about three times as much as a normal camera doesnt work half as well? A phone is a phone.. *sigh*


Like why spend £500 on a NGage when you can get a GBA for £40? The GBA is a dedicated handheld device, was designed to play games, is a lot more solid, has original titles, has more titles and you dont have to take the battery out to change game :rolleyes:


..also the PSP will be out next year, which will be cheaper than the NGage, offer movie and music playback and have dreamcast quality graphics...

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Originally posted by pleto4_ryan

I said that i would never buy a Playstation 1 and i never did. And i say now i will never buy a Playstation 2, and i won't...not in my plans (hopefully a neighboor-friend has bought it :D and i plaied "devil may cry" and i hope i make him buy, rent final fantasy X :p )


well? :)

Your case is different, you don't hate the PS2, you just don't want to buy one... I hated Sega, the XBox and the Ngage..:(

Kingzjester I think you just might like this comic called Chopping Block :D

Grr I already said it a hundred times!!:rolleyes:

A) My mobile does not work anymore, I am using a borrowed one.

B) I want to have a better phone than my sister even if its just for a short while...

C) I know the PSP and the GBA are better gaming plataforms I just want a mobile phone! The gaming part is just an extra!

Did this just turn into a N-gage bashing?:confused:

OK OK so maybe the gaming part sucks but I want, no I NEED a mobile phone...

To the gamer the N-Gage is lamer...

But to a techno freak, its cool and sleek!

At least it will be more usefull than that GPS i wanted to buy...


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Originally posted by twifkak

I hear it sucks as a mobile phone, too.



From what I've heard all N-gage "bashers" are just gamers that don't know much about mobile phones...

How can a mobile phone suck?

Its a PDA, Mp3 Player, FM radio, XHTML Browser, it reads Email, and it plays games. Maybe the games suck but how can the rest suck?

A kickass mobile phone by itself costs 200$ so 300$ for all that is not expensive...

Man, what happened to the original theme of the post?

Has anyone said they hated something and said that they would never do it and they ended up doing it anyway?:confused:

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Well... I hated vegetables when I was younger... I grew out of that, I suppose...


I can't really think of anything. As to its MP3 and PDA functions, I haven't heard anything. As to its cell phone functions, I hear you have to hold it sideways (thin part to your face), and you end up smudging the screen as you hold it. Plus it's uuugly. :p I dunno -- just try before you buy.

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WHOA! Hold the press!!:eek:

I just found out something very interesting!!

Nokia N Gage uses Symbian OS, and I found a page with a Z6 interpreter here for the Symbiam OS!

Does this mean what I think it means?

Does it mean I can play Zork on the Nokia N Gage?:confused:

There are also C64 and "Speccy" Emulators I think...

If someone could confirm me that all Symbain applications work on all models then this would make the N gage cooler than the GBA and PSP combined!!!shock1

OOOHH! I could play the Hithhicker's Guide to the Galaxy on the N-Gage!!:freakout:

Maybe I should rename this thread to "Engage the N-gage!":p

Hmm, I know you can play Prince of Persia on the N-gage, but I wonder if they made a port of any adventure games to a mobile java port?

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Originally posted by Novel_T

I'm curious to know what you mean by that.

Well, I'll try to explain...

The main reason I think it crashes is because 90% of PC have Windows, therefore 90% of computer companies make programs for Windows...

How can Microsoft test all the situations? There is just too many little applications we have, that Microsoft can test them all!

Let me put it another way, you can blame Microsoft that Pc crashes if you have isntalled several chat programs, anitvirus, and that kind of stuff!

Its the applications we install on Windows not Windows itself! MY PC barely crashes and when it does I know why it does... its always when I'm running a certain program, if i remove the program the crashes won't occur anymore...

And some programs aren't compatible with each other...

But unfortunatly nowadays we NEED those silly "junk apps", like anti pop-up stoppers., spam filters and such...

And of course the other reason why Windows crashes if when a "n00b" user is using it...

I could go hours on this "theory", but I can prove it...

All I can say is be carefull what you install...

Once I installed a game that turned the "Show desktop" button into a sound file!

Remember Mac and Linux are used by pros, they might be safe OS, but they are even safer in pros hands... If 90% of computer user had Linux or Mac, then they would start installing "junk apps" from semi-professional companies and remember....

A common mistake that people make when trying to make something foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools....

-Ford Prefect

"The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at or repair":D


Am I making any sense??


Mattsius! How did you know my name!?!:eek:

Was that a lucky guess? If so go buy a lottery ticket!!:p

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