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Mods! What do you want to see?

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I'd like a mod that would make Duels (FFA???, Duel and Power Duel) work like Bushido Blade.


Swoop 2000 Grand Prix should be something wild. ;)


I dont have that many ideas until I see how MP really is for JA. If Siege proves to be all it's cracked up to be... I might even be entertained for a long time to worry about other dueling mods. ;)

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Originally posted by Rumor

-you have no honour when you humiliate someone who is playing.

-if you are yelling at the screen because of someone who runs around and cannot even see where they are going, then you should look into a shrink or mental hospital, as obviously this game is your life.

I agree completely. Humiliating someone is no way to admin a server. This kind of admin made JO a lot less fun for a lot of people. And, of course, if you are getting that upset about a game, you have no life.
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Originally posted by soulshine

id like to see more models skins hilts some single player modssomebody should make a pc version of clone wars but jedi knight style. also more jedi like clothing and sabers hilts like the movies


yeah, that would be so cool. a clone wars mod. how about a battle of hoth mod. and maybe a mod set on Endor with evil Ewoks to fight.

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1. I want Bastila model


2. I want driveable speeder (that what they used to take

down those AT-ATs) that cable may be impossible to make

but it should have some special weapon which can take

down AT-ATs... (normal weapons shouldn't have effect

on AT-ATs...)


3. I want driveable AT-AT (it should turn very slowly but it

should be able to turn its head and aim... its only weapon

should be blaster cannon which can be charged to fire big

bolts...) (Also hole to bottom with lightsaber and grenade

inside should take it out...)


4. I want better driveable AT-ST... (I want version which

can turn its head and aim when standing still...)


5. I want better flightmodel for Fighters... (moving mouse

sideways should turn but rotate the ship around its forward

axis...) and there should be no limit how much you can turn

up or down or rotate around that forward axis...

(you should be able to fly upside down, roll, loop, ...)


6. I want better blasters which can be used for KILLING

things... (MUCH faster projectiles, MUCH more damage on



7. I want Sooooooooo many things..........




99. I want the source code! So that i can do something...

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I don't want to see ANY admin mods like we've seen in the past.


No "empowerment" no bunnies, no sleeping, no slapping, no invincible emotes, etc.


I don't want to see a billion "clan skins" that are just retextured Jedi Trainers or Reborns.


I won't be thrilled to see anymore "Clan Maps" that consist of a Cantina, "sitting room" and duel arena, etc.


But I'm sure there will be those too.... again.


But other than that, I'm up for pretty much anything.


I'm sure there will be a billion duel maps and "How I think Saber Combat Should Be + 10000 Hilts pack" mods, and I don't care, because I know people will make them and there's no stopping it...


What I'm really looking forward to are some quality Siege missions. That's the #1 thing I'm looking forward to.


That and improved Bot routes and such (if they're not included in a patch).

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well, one of the mods I am wanting just was released


Stargate4JA just released their first map which is really like 3 maps in one... SGC (stargate command), Goa'uld mothership, and a pyramind, complete with underground labyrinth

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Originally posted by Prime

What JA really needs are mods that allow us to RPG correctly on FFA servers. Then we can teach honour and respect to all players and provide a fun environment to play the game as it should be played. I have taken the time to come up with some mod ideas to greatly improve the gameplay of JA:


1. Add as many emotes and animations as possible. This includes sitting, waving, sipping tea, the adding/removing of pants, the grabbing of genitals, and various forms of making out and kissing.


2. Certain phrases containing the words "gay" and "lame" and "saber down == peace" and "honour" should be selectable by the mousewheel.


3. The ability to empower the admin so that he can honourably teach others about respect and honour through humilating the offending player. This garruntees that everyone on the server has fun, and the admin can bask in the glow of his l33t ski11z.


4. We need plenty of maps that contain many rooms for us to roleplay in. These rooms should be of various styles, to allow us to have shops, pubs, houses (for the "sipping tea" emote mentioned above), strip clubs (great for using the adding/removing of pants emote), skating rinks, and government offices (for the player acting as mayor).


5. Mods that disable the use of the lightsaber, guns, explosives, and force powers for all players. With these inconveniences out of the way, players will be free to act out their parts as bus drivers and encyclopedia salesman. This will also help enforce the saber down = peace policy that will be enforced on all servers.


6. As many skins as possible that represent the various clans in JA. These skins should be exactly the same as default skins (preferably the Reborn model), but with a big clan symbol on the front and back.


7. Scripts that and server side mods that enforce bowing before a duel, if in fact a mistake has been made and lightsabers are enabled on the server (see above). The bows should last for three minutes so players can be sure that their opponant is showing respect and has honour. These mods should not allow the wiggling of the ass and the playing of the Lando taunt, because this shows that those gay lame bastards do not have honour. I think you will agree that allowing this and adding the pants emote would lead to certain disaster.


8. Mods that hide cheats and cvars that control lightsaber damage should be developed so that we don't look so stupid when we complain about nerfed sabers.


9. There should be mods that force players to only duel on FFA servers, and force others to employ the sitting (or kissing and pants removal) emotes while waiting for their turn to do honourable battle. This will prevent lame FFAs that lack honour.


10. A mod that creates a forcefield around the player when they are chatting would prevent us from getting lamed when we are trying to call someone "gay". This will prevent us from looking like newbs when we get killed for starting to chat in the middle of a fight.


I hope this gives all you modders out there some ideas for useful mods that the JA community at large wants. They only resistance you will receive is from gay lamers who have no honour. Please ignore these fags.


Happy RPGing!!1!1 :)


Great Just great cant Stop Laughing about this true words

you are just great prime:)

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