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Official Broken Sword 3 website is up!

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The PS2 will be subpar to a 9600, but definitely not to what you have now--with one exception: the PS2 seems to add, unconditionally, some sort of "graininess" to the picture (no antialiasing or texture fitlering? sh!tty DAC? non-standard resolution? horrible floating point error?), which, IMO, is horribly ugly. On the other hand, the game was built for a controller.


Personally, I'm getting the PC ver. That way I'll have the entire collection on the same platform, and I'll get the best graphics (sorry :p). I'll probably buy an xbox-to-pc adapte/or for a controller.


If you have the money (sorry :p), you could get an Area-51m -- its graphics card can be upgraded.

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Originally posted by remixor

But...but...the music! Doesn't it pump you up?


I checked the site out at school and didn't have speakers there.


The music is a lot better than the one in the UK site, but I really can't enjoy it... there's trouble with the streaming.


I like the amount of character info the Europe site provides, nice to see that they are taking a more serious approach.

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