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Performance in the demo terrible


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I love the demo, but I couldn't believe how crappy it played on my comp compared to J.O. I play at these settings on J.O:


1280x1024 res

8x AF

2x AA

32 bit

Highest detail

Trilinear filtering


I have a 9700 Pro and when I play J.O, I have buttery smooth frames. But in JA, the frames are kind of slow. I hope its just because its a demo, and thus not fully optimized.. I hope the actual retail game plays like J.O, and there's no reason why it shouldn't as they are the exact same engine..

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Yea, I have these for pc specs


AMD XP 1900

768 MB PC2700 DDR RAM

Gainward GeForce Ti 4800 SE Golden Special

Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer


And I was getting between 40-60FPS average, and once I turned of shadows, dynamic lighting, dynamic glow, wall marks, and the light thing and kick down the anisctropic filter, I was averaging between 100-200FPS running @ 800x600 with Trilinear options, high for detail and very high on geometry detail or maybe its vice versa.


So that would be my suggestion


Also try this


seta com_MaxFPS 200 that helped me since our cards can support 200FPS on optimal conditions for it.

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