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I think we've gone a few days without a POST YOUR PIC thread


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Niiice hair. My mother wouldn't even let me streak my blond tresses a conservative dark red. And if I do it when I'm older, (as I will,) she'll faint. Har har.


Imagined Roy Tordes smut

:tsk: Behave like a gentlemen, or I'll have to come over and make you! (Muahahaha! I am omnipotent!)

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Oh C'MON forum go-ers! I'm very dissapointed that no-one has pulled this one out yet.


Ok...looks like it will be me.




But....it's Pink!;)



Looks tremendous. Sometimes I try imagining myself with that hair...but it's just too ridiculous to imagine.

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I remember on my birthday, i looked at the Lucasforums Bday callendar..and i saw that 'niko667' account too..which was weird, cause we both had the same bday date and my hotmail acount is "niko667@hotmail.com". and so i clicked on his info, and saw that his last post was in some star wars forum. a place i would never go near!


and now i just entered as him somehow...


am i suffering from some weird case of web schizzophrenia (sp?) or is this some kind of conspiracy against me?

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Well, there's SOME sort of identity crisis going on here, but I'm too tired to investigate or wonder....everything makes too much sense late at night for that. Bed....here I come....


I saw a picture of you with blue hair once. It was cute. *yawn* 'Night.

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