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Species for Jedi Academy

Which species would you like to see in JA?  

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  1. 1. Which species would you like to see in JA?

    • Nikto
    • Bith
    • Duros
    • Kaminoan

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Originally posted by Psyk0Sith

lol, Psion, i see you wont give up! hopefully someone will fill your request.


NO WAY WILL I EVER GIVE UP!! HAHAHA!! I've become maniacal(sp?)!!


Originally posted by Alexi Vocheski

actually, a vampire sounds pretty cool...


Click here for the specifics


And I dunno about the Kamonians. I mean...there just wierd...



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I really miss the Gamorrean Guards that were in DF, DF2, and MotS. I really wish they were in JA, but it doesn't look like they are. Raven Software must be racist when it comes to putting alien species in it's games. :lol:


Nikto and Klatooinian are some species that should have been added, but HapSlash is taking care of that. ;)

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Originally posted by Crowy

even a vampiric type player would kick!!!


MAN!! Now everyones like 'lets get some vampires'! And I've been saying that since last November. HEY!! I just realized something!


November is my 1 year, and I got a buncha cool stuff going on that month! Like Defiance being released, KoRn's new CD, and Matrix Revolutions!!


Back to the subject at hand: A Male Zabrak is a definent YES as opposed to a Twi'Lek period. Hell, I'd rather use a Kamonian than a Twi'Lek anyday, and I hate Kamonians. A Gammorean is kinda stupid and wouldn't make a good Jedi in any case.

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