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trying to find the darth reavn robe


who is the best jedi  

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  1. 1. who is the best jedi

    • luck skywalker
    • maru jade skywalker

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First off, if its Prima's stategy guide, say goodbye to your 15 bucks. That guide is only good for wallpapering the outhouse.


The Revan's Robes/Star Forge Robes are located on the second deck inside the Star Forge. Make sure you take plenty of computer spikes though. At about a level 10 computer skill w/ infiltrator gloves and an interface headband (total cs of 18) it still took me like 25 spikes to get the robes.

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I thought Luke's close was named something like "Luuke Sykwalker". And I'd love to have a clone or two of Mara Jade ;)


Ahhh, I remember when I turned into a pit droid. Even made a special post about it. I replied to another post and made it like twice as long thanking everyone for all the misc posts I made. The day I saw I hit 40, I just started replying to posts. Didn't matter how old they were either. Whatever post I could reply to to get me to 50. Now, here I sit, nearing the 150 mark. Won't be long until I hit 1000. Here's to your first 50 and many 50's more!

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

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