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!! Knights of the force Total convertion !!


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This is not only a map package, it is more than that. It is advance version of jk2 for Star war’s fun.

The reason to create the package is to standardize jk2,

so that hundreds of star wars fun can have mach in Turkey for a year.


Many mod, skin, and maps have been modified and added new …… from starwars movie.

You can find 55 original starwars character whit all aspects (guns, personality, height, weight, and race).

“Jango freet and “Boba feet” can fly. There is wonderful rocket “Jango” shoot whit two guns. “Dart Maul”

has double blade and Anakin has double sabers.


Bots can identify who is the enemy and force. It can make a group and to attack to jedi.


Bot route has been made for each 55 maps which I added. Pictures menu of these maps was standardized and

the menu sort by starwars by chronology. Skins Player menu was sorted, and pictures quantity are as good as

the original. Choosing “Bot” gets easier.

Bot sort out. Left mouse choosing. dark character,right mouse choosing. light charachter.














Mistakes were corrected in each level, and added new levels and sections.

New key combinations designated by jedi forceII. Also this mode updated by me.


There is a cd to use new play. CD has 3 different multiplayer mods and 15 single player mods.

You can start where ever you want. Also menu has help button which has new combination list that help to use new mod
















I would like to thank to Jedi knight community to support and help (mod, skin etc.)

May the force be with you

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Yeah, I got that one...

So you mean it isn't on the site? or what?

In each case... If you want to put it on... I would write a letter to Lucasarts (a mail will do, I believe) and ask for sponsoring. I don't know if they will do that, but if you get it, then you can host the site.

Reasons why you should get the money:

It's a very great mod for one of their games

(be sure to mention this in the mail/letter to Lucasarts)

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Oh wow...this mod looks unblievable! Contact lucasfiles and they should definately host it...


I really really want this file, like the previous poster said, the best way to share it would be through donkey and kazaa, just get a bunch of your friends to leave kazaa/donkey on at night and post the Hash here.


I only have 1 question...is it possible to choose your saber colour using an RGB system? Cause my saber colour is never available :(

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Durotan : possible


Lucas files :




Thank you for sending word about your mod. We can't provide you

though with

the ftp space requested.


Best Regards,



----- Original Message -----

From: "Timfx" <starwars.com.tr.tc@mail.com>


To: <info@lucasfiles.com>


Sent: Monday, September 22, 2003 6:14 PM

Subject: Contact Form



File planet :yes, near uploading

now text and dialogue in english translate

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so Fileplanet is takeing your mod!!!


thats great! (well if they are taking it)


cus im 100 absolute-f***ing percent that if fileplanet hosts it, after a while it'll set off a chain reaction, and you bet your sweet arse that you might hear again from them.


maybe not lucas files though ;)

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Lucasfiles won't host it ???

There lose out on alot of visitors then. ;)


Anyway, is the file up yet...man 590 meg, good thing i have a fast connection then :D


Hmm, couldn't you make it smaller, like have it join together in different parts of say 10 megabytes or something ?

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As far as I can tell:


He took a bunch of character skins.

He took a bunch of maps and arranged them into the 5 Episodes of the Saga.

He added bot scripting so the bots attack who they are supposed to.

He tweaked various aspects of the maps and characters.

He added new loading and such screens.

He integrated JediMod and Jetpack mod and "dual pistols" and lightsabers.


So the end result is say, you, as Obi-Wan, fight Darth Maul with Qui-Gon in Duel of the Fates and Maul has the double-blade and Qui-Gon doesn't attack you. And there's a bunch of levels like that.


It's looking good, at the very least I will be able to try it out and tell you all about it.

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Since most of you probably don't know this, what this guy is doing is totally and completely illegal. He is violating the intellectual copyright of the original authors of every single one of these skins, levels, and mods. Hopefully this "Total Convertion" as he calls it, will be removed from any site that hosts it. For more information, go to:


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