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!! Knights of the force Total convertion !!


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Um, from what I've gathered from this and other forums, it sounds like you didn't ask for permission from the authors before releasing this. Since the vast majority (perhaps all) of the maps/models/mods etc. used were not made by you, you have to ask each and every author before including them in this mod.


You must know that you HAVE to get author's permission unless they explicitly state in the Readme file that they don't care what you do with their models/maps/mods or whatever it is. If they say no, then you cannot use them lest you incur their wrath and get into legal troubles. I know it's time-consuming, but it has to be done for legal issues. Not to sound harsh or anything, but I've never made a mod in my life, but I know to contact the authors and ask for their permission before you go ahead and use their work.

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Yeah, this is a thread on this "mod" that was on the massassi forums:



Probably everything in this mod, is someone else's work, and most likely did not give permission. This should not be allowed to continue in it's current state. IF the creators of the items in this "mod" consent, then yes, it could be a very popular modification package.


But right now, as far as principle goes, boo, boo, boo.

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Guys, cut him some slack. First off he probably didn't KNOW that he couldn't redistribute other people's work without their permission. He proabbly assumed as long as he didn't make a profit it wasn't a big deal. He doesn;t live in Britain or US or even Australia like most of us do.

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Yes, but the problem is, he is now aware, and still insists on saying the same thing. Go to one of the Massassi threads, he kept saying, "As you know it would be impossible to get permission from all the authors I'm not making money just want to standardize mods for JK2" or something like that.

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I know that's the problem, but problems can be worked out. I explained all this to him, and I can assure you that TFN will not host it unless he has permission from the authors of the mods/maps/authors/whatever BUT we ARE prepared to run the gauntlet of getting all those permissions with him.

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It is true that the makers of each mod/skin/map should be given full credit for their work, but by telling him to shut down the mod and such...thats a bit harsh no?


Since it seems that his first language is not english, maybe some of US who do speak fluent english can help him contact each author and ask their permission.


Of course, Tim would have to add a credits page to his mod, and in the readme, including all of the people that worked hard to make all those things.


But congratulations to you, TimFX, for working so hard on this mod. I truly hope that we can help you get the author's permission and that your mod will find great success!


Lets make this happen, instead of shooting it down before it even gets a chance!

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All legal issues aside, those menus look really nice. I hope Lucas Arts doesn't find out about this because I could see them possibly getting really strict with what modders can get away with. Get permission from the original authors or your project won't last very long and your work will be wasted.

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quick question:


I make maps, is it illegal to use a custom made prefab, or .md3 file (which is made, for other people to put in their maps) i asked for permission, but they never replied. Anyways, it turned out i never released the map, but still, for future use, since it was made to be put into maps, do i need permission, as long as i give them full credit its ok right? I think the guy just changed his email.

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Yes, get permission to release the mod.


I say contact Lucas Arts/Games RIGHT NOW, and ask properly.

Make it professional.

Make it worth while to whom you're addressing it to, to allow you even having the mod.

Tell whoever you are addressing it to about the mod, and how it could change the game fore the better.




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No, LA allows you to make mods as long as you put a specific line at the end, cant remember what it was, but its in the liscence agreement. Anyways, so was that an answere to MY question, or about his mod?



Anyways, dude your mod does look kool, but i wont DL something illegal. But man, the menus and stuff looked awesome.

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Well I for one will refuse to download this. not in tell he gets permission from the modelers and mappers which I am sure they won't have a problem if you just ask. Be polite do the right thing and just ask. See at AOTCTC if we use other ppl's work at least we ask but most of our stuff ismade by us or the modelers of the models we use are on our modding team.

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If you're using pictures, sounds and other resources taken from the star wars movies or from other games, I'm positive that's illegal.



Yeah it is, but the thing is, many of the models out there use sounds from the movies for there custom taunts... and even SP levels do sometimes, ive played a couple that have sounds from the movies in em...

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The trick is to use a little bit on a small scale because it doesn't get as much attention. I want to be able to get away with a few small things here and there, I'm just hoping LEC doesn't decide to put their foot down and enforce the rules that limit what we can do as modders. From a business point of view they are not hurt by it because someone else is basically promoting their stuff. The more you have Star Wars on your mind, the more likely you'll go out and buy something Star Wars related.

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NeoMarz's zam wesell hmmm I wonder what he would say? let me think ummm no! he has only let us use it in our TC thats cause he works with us so I wonder what he would have to say I'll get him in here in a flash cause this pisses me off that a ton of other mods are gonna have the same Zam and thats just stupid. I know for sure you can't use Trebor coleman and our new Jango fett and clones or else we will get you shut down like that cause those are AOTCTC Exclusive, and ill be damned if we will let you use them. This mod makes me sick and I will see that it gets shutdown cause that is sad that you are stealing others work for your own even if you have a readme. This kind of stuff makes me want to tell my team not to release any of our models until we release the TC which will be a while yet so you can count me out for downloading this. I am sorry I am sure it would have been good if work wasn't taken!

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Sincere confession:

My English is not enough, i'm still a student. I understand very hard what you're saying.

A friend of mine is writing these sentences for me. This is the reason for the rejection

from the authors. I can surpass this with your help. Author list is above. These mods'

readme files are available in the Total Conversion. I think that I'm serving to the

Star Wars community. My goal isn't theft or something else. If you have studied the mod

carefully, you can understand that this mod is not an ordinary map pack. Let's unite and

create a better and entertaining Jedi Knight mode to the Star Wars fans.


Thanks to everyone who claimed to help and send e-mail to me.I receive many e-mails,

telling me to deliver the mod for money but this is not my purpose.

If this package becomes online on http://www.fileplanet.com

(still working on english help and setup) you will be able to receive it on a cd,

without downloading it.

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