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to bad that it already starts off by such a crap guys. to summ up: dest gave bofh the source code, ehm made it open source. bofh caused chaos with his minor changed mods and got flamed on the forums beyond recognition. now people should forget about the old ways and be thankfull for bofh (disguised as PhoenixOblivion) telling us his new nick.

there can't be a new beginning with the same old flamewars and by the way, you should stick with your new identity if you don't want to get flamed again, "PhoenixOblivion". the whole purpose is wasted now...


however, i hope that it doesn't turn out like the last time with jk2. just one guy, who accidently makes a mistake (actually two guys, dest for giving out the code adn bofh for not thinking about consequenses, he is not evil btw, just ill tempered from time to time) and soon the whole coding community lies in chaos. besides this jedimod vs . jedi plus thing going on, there were several other problems. like people having big mod plans with way to high expectations...

fragmentation is the big issue. not only the modding community got fragmented, but the gamers too. some playing ctf other saber only no force duels and so on.

i hope there will be more unity now.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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