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JA crashes if i use the saber!!!


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my dad bought me a new computer for my birthday ( 10.09 )

( with a windows-xp-home-edition-trial for 2 weeks )

i loaded the demo, but when i tried to start the 1st level crashes JA

but when i choose the second Level i can play until the dark-jedi behind the stone takes out his saber!!!

then my farher installed windows xp professional

but this edition of windows had no drivers, so we installed a few drivers, but not the one for the sound

and i was able to play JA ( but without sound )

now i installed also the driver for the sound


can you help me?

i would be glad if somebody could tell me if this is also in the fullversion of JA

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Go to the control menu when in the game before launching a mission, and click mouse/other and turn off the Force Feedback, then try updating your video drivers, and try turning off dynamic glow under the more video options, as well as kicking the anistropic filter to the middle of its sliding bar.

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There not saying its performing slow there saying its CRASHING!

read there post Palme said he got it to run without sound does that meen anything to you?

I'm sure it meens alot to people that know computers or atlleast someone that reads the post .

I realy think you came in here and spamed a free post for your rank or whatever( like i care of such things)

I'm here trying to help them its obvious to me that Palme problem is soundcard or sounddriver.

And you come in giveing performance help!??!

I realy dont think you read there post.

OH !!!! HEHE !! LOL !!! your a Moderator

!! My mistake!!(now lets see if your a Abusive one and Ban me for nothing thats in the rules whatsoever)

Your realy not spaming my mistake.

But still why give them perfermance help Palme had it runing fine without sound?


By the way when i have more to say i edit most my post unlike most people .

It sickens me to see someone post 2 words something like (I agree) and then posting again simularly latter in the forum its got to be a pain and a waste of space (not to mention hard on you guys everytime someone pulls something like that)

Moderators have a lot of resposeablity here in forums i know sometimes its a tough job



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Good point perhaps its because of not haveing Direct X9 on there machines it could be a DX9 sound issue.

thats something i didnt think of after all Direct X is video and sound.

I trying to help but nether person will repliy to that question ,

i asked them as well what soundcards they are runing.

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