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Not Enough Customization for Full Version? Try these Cheats! (*SPOILERS*)


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In the tradition of this thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=110593 (for the DEMO version), please post all your cheats, console commands, etc. for the FULL (LEGAL, RETAIL) VERSION of JA!


Remember, this thread by very nature will contain spoilers.


Please don't post tech support requests, just cheats that work! No warez/beta posts will be tolerated.


I started this thread because DEMO users may not wish to be spoiled by the full version yet (if so, go see the Demo thread instead of this one).


Plus some cheats that worked in the Demo might not work in the Full and vice versa. But go ahead and read the other thread and test those out and find out which ones work here.


Let's go! (my copy of the game should arrive later today, so I'll join it when I have time)

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After looking through the pak3-files and fiddling around in singleplayer for a bit I found out how and what kinds of vehicles you can spawn, and yes...there ARE ships! :)


These cheats are for singleplayer, there is a way to spawn vehicles in multiplayer too but I'm not sure how.


Use this command to spawn vehicles: npc spawn vehicle x

where x is the particular vehicle you're trying to spawn


And these are the commands for the vehicles I've found so far:











rancor_vehicle <--- feel like riding a rancor anyone?


There are some more vehicles but these are the only ones i've found to be working so far, there is a yt-1300 in the game but unfortunately you can't spawn it for some reason.


When spawning some of the bigger vehicles it might seem like nothing have happened at first, then just step back a little and the vehicle should appear. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to actually get these vehicles to fire yet, even the atst which definately has working weapons doesn't have any when you spawn it this way. If anyone figures out how to do it feel free to share it with the rest of us.

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If you can spawn vehicles into MP, it would be if cheats were enabled (devmap <mapname>).


Anyway, here's anothere NPC spawn list (to add to what was posted for the demo (and yes, many of these are from JK2!) which of course you can also use with the PlayerModel command for the ultimate in variety in your single player experience:


Reborn (classic JK2 reborn)


Rebornforceuser (untextured)

Rebornacrobat (untextured)

Rebornfencer (untextured)



Stormpilot (TIE Pilot)

Impofficer (brown)

Impcommander (black)

Imperial (gray)


Prisoner2 (untextured)








Luke (he's textured this time, hooray!)


Jedif (different outfit from JK2, she has three sabers!)



Jeditrainer (some guys from Luke's Academy)





Desann (complete with his big spikey saber hilt)


Stofficer (with paudlon)

Stcommander (see above)



Lando (wooohooo!!)




Galak (you can try Galak_mech but all it does is increase your view height, and give you the default model)


Hazardtrooper (animations are kind of goofed up)

gonk (gonk!)

R2D2_imp (it's the black/orange version of Artoo)

Probe (probe droid, sorry, he doesn't fly)

Rancor (glitchy, try messing with the third person camera, he can't seem to move around properly)


I forgot to check and see if the RebornRodian/RebornTrandoshan/RebornWeequay were textured or not in the full, and I also didn't know the command for any of the game villians or secret monsters that I haven't met yet (I'm only on the fourth SP mission, playing them in order).


Do NOT type "seeker" or "mouse" or "rosh" as seem to crash the game.


Note, if you type in the name of somebody who isn't in the game (or misspell) it will default to Stormtrooper. And since this is the full version it actually will default to Stormtrooper instead of crashing like the demo!


Try this to get the stun baton:


bind <key1> give weaponnum 17

bind <key2> weapon 17


hit <key1>, then <key2> and you'll have the JK2 stun baton!




Not a cheat, but:

Also, I tried out the Mercenary 2 Pack (a graphical replacement for Kyle & Jan) and it works (for spawning him and for him in the cutscenes in SP). Much better than his Bantha Herder outfit. ; )

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Originally posted by MuRaSaMuNe

A few cheats for JA Full Version :)



/npc spawn vehicle wampa_vehicle

/npc spawn vehicle rancor_vehicle

/npc spawn vehicle atst_vehicle

/npc spawn vehicle swoop

/npc spawn vehicle swoop_mp

/npc spawn vehicle swoop_mp2

/npc spawn vehicle tie-bomber

/npc spawn vehicle tie-fighter

/npc spawn vehicle lambdashuttle

/npc spawn vehicle x-wing

/npc spawn vehicle z-95

/saber sith_sword

For the ships, press space to go up and theres a primary and secondary fire for each one. I hope no one else posted this yet :p.


Took your post out of the Demo cheats section, since it was posted in the wrong spot (tsk, tsk) but thanks!

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The saberrealstic thingy is still write-protected, and something else interesting. The code to pick up dropped sabers from the demo no longer works in the final. :( Also, the jetpack does not work as a vehicle so only the people in the game (npcs) who have them can use them. (Not mentioning any, but one of them will kick your @$$ when you fight them) But, that should be easy to fix via a mod. And also, to those people who don't like the game-I am sorry for you all because I love it!

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Originally posted by Kurgan

Also, I tried out the Mercenary 2 Pack (a graphical replacement for Kyle & Jan) and it works (for spawning him and for him in the cutscenes in SP). Much better than his Bantha Herder outfit. ; )


I'm still pissed to hell that jediknightii.net didn't publish my merc skins... Grrrr....... I know, I know. I shouldn't hold grudges. But still.


Yes, it's cool that they're compatable. Merc Kyle beats the hearding stick off of Bantha Kyle.



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Also the playermodel code works the same list as that of the npcs (I.E. npc spawn list). I noticed something funny when you type "playermodel atst_vehicle" try it and look at the message that pops up


Also anyone interested in using other models not included in the game such as models from JK2, be sure to create an npc file for it so as to be able to use playermodel with it, it still won't appear in the cutscenes though and will default back to the player model on the start of a new level...

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type map t2_trip in the multiplayer console and you get the swoopbike mission in multi.

the only problem is the swoopbikes dont have textures and it causees alot of lag cause of missing textures

i want multiplayer vehicles and co-op!!!!!

also type map hoth2 for a multiplayer co-op mission with tontons and stormtroopers only problem is it crashes when you get to a certain point with multiple players with you.(that and some trigers switches buttons are missing)

well now i know Co-op is possible its going to take mappers to make some co-op maps.

type dir map and you get the full list

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Daggnabbit! Okay, I admit here and now I was wrong about the classic JK2 flip kicks (unless I'm missing something).


When I heard the g_debugmelee 1 command worked in MP I assumed it was the same as SP.


But, apparently it only does the following:


-Allows melee mode (for non Jedi classes in Siege or Jedi with no Force Points assigned to Saber Attack) to Kick with secondary fire (identical to the Staff version).


-Allows Melee or Saberists to "stick" to the wall forever, so long as they hold the key (unlike in SP they can't attack while sticking).


-Allows melee mode to do the grapples (no punching sound unfortunately just like in SP).


So if classic JK2 flip kicks are in there, we'll have to just keep looking (or maybe mod them in).


Other NPC spawns/Playermodel's:



Reborntrandoshan (textured!)

Rebornweequay (textured!)

Rebornrodian (textured!)


Another vehicle spawn for you:


Wildtauntaun (no saddle)


I discovered that ridable vehicles (swoop bike, taun tauns) only allow you to use the ST Rifle or the Lightsaber while riding (haven't tested Saberstaff or Dual Sabers) and no force powers.


You can cycle between those weapons (if you have them) while on board.


If you are in "Melee Mode" when you hop onto a Speeder, you will fire its guns! So it is in there after all... ; )


The Swoop bike was untexted though when I spawned it into the game using cheats.


Sadly, I can't get any bots into Siege mode. If you load the map with cheats (devmap <mapname>), it turns into an FFA map.



Oh btw, Dismemberment works great in MP. I forgot to check my settings, but I was seeing bodies cut in half, heads cut off, hands, the whole nine yards, about 9 out of every 10 saber kills. ; )


I noticed that ragdoll physics aren't turned on by default in MP. Now to find the command to turn them back on...

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I also thought it was very interesting how they did the inventory in JA.


Instead of making it something anybody could use, they made it basically a non-Jedi thing, to substitute for Force Powers in Siege mode.


Interesting, although a bit dissapointing. It'll take some getting used to.


You can cheat to give yourself everything by enabling cheats (Devmap <mapname>) and typing \giveall.


You can test out the cloaking device, jetpack, EWEB (deploy it and fire in third person only, "use" the item again to turn it off), seeker remote (doesn't seem to fire at spawned npc's in MP with cheats), Sentry Gun, Bacta, and BIG Bacta (!). Plus you can use the stun baton again!


OOooh, it's going to be so tempting not to play with cheats on, when we can have Taun Taun jousts or X-Wing/TIE Fighter dog fights. Somebody needs to make some maps with these options already in there and plenty of room...!



Btw Wes Janson if you submit your files to LucasFiles.com I'm sure they will get posted.


Yeah, the only problem with the mod is that in the "stills" as a level is loading Kyle has his tan shirt again. I just picture him saying (in his gruff voice) "Hang on a minute Luke, I gotta quick change into my Jedi clothes."

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post by Kergan

discovered that ridable vehicles (swoop bike, taun tauns) only allow you to use the ST Rifle or the Lightsaber while riding (haven't tested Saberstaff or Dual Sabers) and no force powers.



The Swoop bike was untexted though when I spawned it into the game using cheats.


Your saying YOU discovered it???!!!

oh realy now thats why i posted it just before you.

give some credit man!

how about the multiplayer spawn cheats how are they done you can realy have one up on me if you realy know how.

I have not seen one person give or tell the spawn command for multiplayer i can tell you its not (devmap)npc spawn vehicle

so what is it i seen people spawn stuff in Jedi outcast multiplayer and nobodys talking its like you have to be elete or something to know the stupied command .

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more cheats tested:


NPC Spawn/playermodel





wampa (kinda buggy, but cool)


Plenty more to try that I haven't tested fully.


I had a sad experience last night... I was up to Tier 2 in SP but when I came back later and loaded up, my saved games for the past couple of missions were completely gone (not even in the saves directory).


So thanks to the cheats I was able to get back exactly where I left off (the only thing I lacked was ammo).


The only trouble was the saber stances (I had medium and fast) but I did playermodel alora and got them (then used playermodel player and snd "jaden_femle" to get my character's voice back), then SetForceXXX and gave myself the proper force. Then I gave weapons (but lacked ammo). Finally I had to type "playerteam player" and "npcteam player" so that enemies would attack me and be killable again (if you playermodel into an enemy you're treated as one even if you switch to player this isn't reset without the command).


Somebody correct me if any of these are wrong:


0-3 are the regular settings, but you can give yourself higher levels for increased abilities.


setforcegrip X

setforcemindtrick X

setforceabsorb X

setforceheal X

setforcesight X

setforcespeed X

setforceprotect X

setforcelightning X

setforcedrain X

setforcerage X

setforcepull X

setforcepush X

setsaberdefense X

setsaberoffense X (doesn't seem to give you new stances)

setsaberthrow X


Setforceall X


Gives you everything, but it goofs up your stances (gives you six, three are AI based stances). The only other way I've found to get new stances is to playermodel into a character that has them ("jedi" and "jedi2" have all three normal stances, "jeditrainer" has dual sabers, various reborns/cultists have the saberstaff, "alora" has fast and medium, "rosh_penin" has strong only).


For weapons (again, correct me if I missed any):


Use giveweaponnum XX to put the weapon in your inventory, weapon XX to switch to it. Note that giving yourself the gun doesn't give you any extra ammo.


weapon (nothing, weapons "holstered")

weapon 1 (lightsaber?)

weapon 2 (BlasTech)

weapon 3 (ST Rifle)

weapon 4 (Bowcastor)

weapon 5 (DEMP2?)

weapon 6 (Heavy Repeater?)

weapon 7 (Flechette?)

weapon 8 (Merr Sonn?)

weapon 9 (Concussion)

weapon 10 (Det Pack)

weapon 11 (Trip Mine)

weapon 12 (Thermal Detonator)

weapon 13 (??)

weapon 14 (Fists: "Melee")

weapon 15 (ATST main gun, no model)

weapon 16 (ATST side gun? buggier)

weapon 17 (Stun Baton)


To fill up your various inventories:


give batteries (only for the "zoom" command)

give ammo (all ammo for all weapons full, guess I should have used this!)

give force (full mana)

give armor (full shields)

give health (full health)

give ammo_force (full mana + temporary stock of "extra" mana points, 25 points per use.. basically the force crystal with no icon)


map <mapname>

(warp ahead to the map if you know the name of it, check the console for the name of the current map, saved games also display the name)

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More cheats (yes!)


Note, there are ***MAJOR SPOILERS*** ahead... so be warned!




(new npc spawns/playermodel's)


rocketrooper (with paudlon)

rockettrooper2 (very different, but buggy)

prisoner2 (untextured)











bartender (chiss)


impworker3 (sorry, forgot if I posted these or not already)

howler (buggy)



New Hilt Found!


Type saber desann and you not only get Desann's big spikey hilt, but also an EXTRA LONG SABER. Try saber desann desann to give yourself two huge wicked blades! Can also be combined with the staff for the three sabers trick (but it puts even the staff to shame) or a normal saber.


And a good point was made about the multiplayer models. All of these I've been posting so far are for SP. But we should get a list together of hidden MP models (like the large Jawa that was mentioned).


Great work everyone!

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Sith Sword


enable cheats then key


saber sith_sword


into the console and you should get the sword

used by possesed Tavion.

Works with all stances, and can be used as one of two sabers.


More Emotes


type these commands in console to activate emote:






and, brace yourself for this one....

" bow "

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Yeah the emotes only work in Duel mode (possibly in Lightsaber Challenges too, but I haven't tested since I can't play online yet).


Some MP "secret skins" (kudos to the above person who mentioned the Jawa one btw):


Use the \Model <name> command for these:


Jawa (tall Jawa)

Imperial/Officer (Brown)

Imperial/Commander (Black)


I notice you can add /Officer or /Commander to any skin, but all it does is make their face picture disappear. You can choose a color of a model by adding /Red or /Blue to it (even in non-team games).


You can actually type in the model names of NPC's and stuff, but you'll just end up with no face picture and Kyle Katarn and sometimes a different taunt.

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Well, I appreciate the sentiment, Kurgan. But those skins are sooooooooooo old -- almost a week or two after the release of JO. Not sure if anyone will appreciate them anymore. Not sure if I should even bother at this point.


But for the record, my favorite cheat so far is:


"g_corpseRemovalTime 0"


So whenever I kill someone, they stay there -- perminently. So on the first Tatooine level when Kyle asks if he missed something, it makes more sense when there are actual bodies laying around instead of one artificial one (for the cutscene).


Plus, it also helps in the more complicated levels. "Have I been here before? Oh yeah, there's the dead guards."


The game doesn't render them unless they're viewed, so it's managable (plus I've got a ton of RAM). But if the body count gets higher than fifteen or twenty at once on the screen, then I start suffering some frame rate drops.


But it's all worth it in the end...

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