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Hi I have been asked for the info of adding Bots to a server. in yor server.cfg file add set bot_enable 1 then add the line set bot_minplayers x the disired amount of bots. The bots will go away as human players come into the server. The bots with this setting are random and the level of play is random as well. For the server admin that likes controle this is the set up you want.

In the server.cfg file have the line.


exec botfile.cfg


in the botfile.cfg have this.


seta bot_enable "1"

seta bot_minplayers "x" // x is where the amount of bots you need in the game.

seta bot_nochat "0" // 0 turn chat on 1 turns chat off.

seta bot_fastchat "1" // 1 on 0 off.

seta bot_challenge "1"

seta bot_groundonly "1"

seta bot_thinktime "100"


//this add's the bot's

addbot Reborn 3 RED 0 Reborn

addbot Luke 3 BLUE 0 Luke

// the name of the bots well vary must use the corect name or the bot well not be in the game. 3 is for the level you want the bot to attack at. Red or Blue is the team color you want the bot on. 0 is the Ping level you want the bot to work at Have fun with bots now.

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if any of you would like to have a place for input to my server RED QUEEN I have a Jedi group set up for this. its address is




Hope to see you there I will take input as to how to set up the server for others to play on and maybe even have a contest of best FFA or CTF or Duel maybe all the above. This Group will alow for the signing up of the players to compet. We can have a lot of fun go to the Jedi Group site and give me your feed back as to what you would like to do.:atat:

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I've done as you said, [nWo] Filth. And now I can at least create a dedicated server, and join it myself.


But, I've tried to create a server lots of times now, but... as soon as anyone joins(me or someone else), the server goes mad and sends about 1000000000 copies of this message:




:confused: HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS???




NOTE: This problem is actally quite similar to the problems I had with JO 1.04:(

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I set up a server, but I'd still like a few more tips on tweaking...


For 1, How do I ban someone easily?


2. I tried changing maps once with /rcon map mp/ctf1 and it changed maps, then immediately crashed.


3. Is someone working on writing an admin mod for this?


4. Where can I get a full list of all config options, rcon commands?


The IP for my server is if anyone is interested in playing there, it's a Sabers Only CTF server with pickups disabled, based out of Los Angeles running on a beefy server, with a beefy connection.


// Server Config

seta sv_hostname "^1LKM818.com^3 Sabers Only CTF"

seta g_motd "Please be respectful or leave. ^3Forums at http://lkm818.com/phpbb2/"

rconpassword "xxx"


// gametypes

// 0 = FFA

// 3 = DUEL one on one tournament



// 7 = SIEGE

// 8 = CTF

seta g_gametype 8 //CTF Mode

seta sv_privateClients "2" //2 reserve slots, admins need to play too!

sv_privatePassword "xxxxx" //the password for the reserve slots (I love this)

seta sv_maxclients "22"//22 max slots, only 20 are visible, the other 2 are reserved

seta sv_maxPing "200" //prevents laggers

seta g_inactivity 0

sv_maxRate 10000

set g_allowvote 0 //Voting disabled

set timelimit 20 //20 minute time limit

set capturelimit 5 //max capture the flag limit of 5

set g_autoMapCycle 1 //set to cycle through maps

g_weaponDisable "65531" //sabers only

seta disable_item_shield_sm_instant "1" //disables small sheield boosters

seta disable_item_medpak_instant "1" //disables medpaks

seta disable_ammo_thermal "1" //disables thermal detonators

seta disable_ammo_blaster "1" //disables blaster ammo

seta disable_ammo_metallic_bolts "1" //disables metallic bolt ammo

seta disable_ammo_powercell "1" //disables powercell ammo

seta disable_ammo_rockets "1" //disables rocket ammo

seta g_dismember "100" //dismemberment enabled

map mp/ctf4 //what map to start with


Comments and questions are welcome, and you're welcome to visit our forums at http://lkm818.com/phpbb2 and click on the Jedi Academy section. I will soon put up a website with hopefully my own forums separate from the main clan forums.




-=Sebastian a.k.a. -=DyeHead=-

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Need a little help here --


My server dissapears and reappears on the master list all the time, it will go for hours showing up, then dissapear for hours. why is this? Someone help please.


The server is set to pure 1 and dedicated 2.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Nothing is disabled if set to zero. All force powers are disabled if set to 262143. The number is the total of a bitfield with 15 bits, each bit representing a force power.


strange i downt understand that :confused:


i want disable all powers but jump, saber block and fight (not throw) avaliable


i hope for some help and the right number/code


thx :)

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Thanks to you, [nWo] Filth! I also discovered that my virus program didn't let JA out on the internet, but as soon as I had changed that, It worked fine! So, thanks again, Everybody!




EDIT: :doh: I now found a new problem... Very many people joins my server, but all the people that I know, for exmple my classmates, can't see my server! What to do?

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Originally posted by Andy867

Are you trying to run a server as well as play in one? or possibly are you not opening up the UDP ports like 29071-29079 *I always leave 29070 closed so that I can still play games while hosting one.

I can create a server, and people joins it, the problem is that my friends can't see it.:(


Just look at the link i posted above, I'm not the only one!

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I'm having the same problem as most, ive set up a dedicated server, which i and my friends can join ok. It shown up in gamespy for a few days then it vanished :confused: :confused: Im thinking maybe there is a command to get your server to show up in lists like gs and the main ingame server list. Ive seen the Red Queen Server on the list in gamespy (Master Acad's Server), but mine wont appear :confused: :confused: :confused:

I hope Raven release a patch to sort out the server & bot route problems because jk3's a great game...i'd hate to see fail because of these minor things :(

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Did not see that posted here so I figured I would post it.


There is a force calculator at the following website that lists all the force powers. All you do is check the force powers you want disabled and it will give you the number to put behind your g_ForcePowerDisable variable in your config. It says outcast on the top of the web page but it works the same for Jedi Academy.




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OK, I am trying to run a server for my clan, but it isnt working :(. When I run the server, at one point it says this a whole bunch:


Then says hitch warning and some number at the bottom. Also when I goto find my server I have to look under local(not sure if that is how it should be or not) and at the end of the name of it UDP is added..... Here is my server.cfg::



// Server Config

seta sv_hostname "^3JS Clan Server"

seta g_motd "No dark force powers"

rconpassword "0jr5e3"


// gametypes

// 0 = FFA

// 3 = DUEL one on one tournament



// 7 = SIEGE

// 8 = CTF

set g_gametype 8


seta sv_maxclients 12

seta g_inactivity 0

sv_maxRate 10000

set g_allowvote 1

set timelimit 0

set capturelimit 15

set g_autoMapCycle 1

set g_maxForceRank 6

set g_saberLocking 1

set g_saberLockFactor 3

set g_dismember 100

set g_forcePowerDisable 8640

seta sv_privateClients "2"

sv_privatePassword "Jules"

seta sv_maxPing "200"



map mp/ctf1

map mp/ctf2

map mp/ctf3

map mp/ctf4



Thanks for your help

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Number one right off the bat, this information applies ONLY to the legit version of the game. I know nothing about the betas or warez versions, I own it. If you are getting folder or other type errors, I can not help you, you need to buy the game.


There are just a couple of points I want to clear up for everyone. The information I post here and the other information I already knew about hosting dedicated servers for JO and JA will soon be in a server config guide I am writing, which will eventually be posted on my web site, along with my configuration guide for JO, and my mod setup guide for JO, and Lee's Oattes sabering guide that are already there. Also, on my web site I have a server status screen, which requires IE and a small plugin which is available on the site. If any of you want me to include your server on my page, just email me the ip and I'll throw it in the list. It is easy on that page to see multiple servers on one page, and at this time I have listed all favorite servers. It is updated with new servers as I get them.

Also, I will help anyone write a server.cfg file, and email you examples, if you email me.


If anyone would like to help me write the server config guide, email me your additions, and I will be sure to give you credit. After all, I don't know everything!


With that in mind, here is my email: master_jedi@comcast.net, and my web site: Inskipp's Jedi Knight Training Center Please don't send deragatory comments, I know it leaves a lot to be desired, after all it's only my first website.


Ok, with that out of the way, I will explain the command line options I use in my shortcut. These also work similarily in JO, Quake 3, Elite Force 1, Return to Castle Wolfenstien. Just remember to make your initial shortcut to the multiplayer version of the game, if there is one. (ie. Quake 3 has only one .exe)


Now I am using windows, and the actual .exe from the game. I didn't bother with the "dedicated" versions that have been released, they are not necessary if you are using windows.


Here is my shortcut to run a server:


..\Jedi Academy\GameData\jamp.exe" +set net_port 29071 +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg


1st: +set net_port #

This one specifies the internet port that the server runs on. Before JA, this didn't need to be changed, because the client always would just use the next available port. In other games, it wouldn't be needed. So now we have to use seperate shortcuts to run a server or the game, making sure they are not on the same port.


2nd +set dedicated 2

This makes a dedicated server that is available both locally, and online. (If your firewall lets it through ). Now, and this is important, I have NEVER been able to see my local servers in the internet list. I always had to look in local. But just because you can't see it, it doesn't mean no one else can. Have someone check, or just wait until someone connects. Or email me your server ip and I'll add it to my status page, and you'll be able to tell if its working at a glance.


3rd +exec server.cfg

Exec means execute, and all you are doing is executing the specified file, in this case, server.cfg. It can be any file, as long as it is in your base folder. It is important to have a command that actually starts the server at the end of the file, if you don't, the server will not actually start. In my example it is vstr m1. But a simple 'map mp/ffa1' would also start the server.


There are others, like +set password ######, which sets the password to get on if its private, and +connect (ip), which connects you automatically to the specified ip, and +set fs_game (gamefolder), which allows you to run mods the right way (more detail in my mod config guide), and many others. So basically, when I play I have a shortcut that looks like this: /jamp.exe" +set net_port 29071 +set password mypassword +connect Easy as pie.


Well I hope this clears things up for those of you still having trouble, and remember, in my personal experience, I can NEVER see my own servers in the internet list, I must look under local. It may have to do with my firewall, I don't know.


Look forward to my server config guide soon, heck, this post will be half of it. But I will explain the server commands I use as well.


Please correct me if I have posted anything incorrect, or if you wish to add something. Below is an example server.cfg, which should be in your base folder.


//start of server.cfg

//my server config

seta g_dismember "100"

seta g_allowVote "1"

seta g_filterBan "1"

seta g_banIPs ""

seta g_log "myserverlog.log"

seta g_forcePowerDisable "0"

seta g_spawnInvulnerability "3000"

seta g_forceRegenTime "200"

seta g_saberDamageScale "1"

seta g_slowmoDuelEnd "0"

seta g_logClientInfo "0"

seta g_autoMapCycle "0"

seta g_weaponDisable "524279"

//set the above to 0 to play with weapons

seta capturelimit "8"

seta g_warmup "20"

seta sv_floodProtect "1"

seta sv_maxPing "0"

seta sv_minPing "0"

seta sv_maxRate "3200"

seta sv_maxclients "7"

seta sv_privateclients "0"

seta sv_privatepassword ""

//use privateclients and privatepassword to save a slot for you with the password


seta sv_hostname "my server name"

seta g_motd "Put your custom motd here"

//change the above to your liking

seta g_maxForceRank "7"

seta g_saberLocking "1"

seta g_privateDuel "1"

seta timelimit "20"

seta fraglimit "20"

seta rconpassword "putrconpasswordhere"



seta bot_enable 1

seta bot_minplayers 0

//change the above to however many bots you want

//they will be kicked off as each person joins


set m1 "map mp/duel1 ; set nextmap vstr m2"

set m2 "map mp/duel2 ; set nextmap vstr m3"

set m3 "map mp/duel3 ; set nextmap vstr m4"

set m4 "map mp/duel4 ; set nextmap vstr m5"

set m5 "map mp/duel5 ; set nextmap vstr m6"

set m6 "map mp/duel7 ; set nextmap vstr m7"

set m7 "map mp/duel8 ; set nextmap vstr m8"

set m8 "map mp/duel10 ; set nextmap vstr m9"

set m9 "map mp/ffa2 ; set nextmap vstr m10"

set m10 "map mp/ffa3 ; set nextmap vstr m11"

set m11 "map mp/ffa4 ; set nextmap vstr m12"

set m12 "map mp/ffa5 ; set nextmap vstr m1"


vstr m1

//starts the server



//end of file


And that's it, good luck running a server, and I'll see you online!Inskipp's Jedi Knight Training Center

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I run a server called the "|Rx|Dojo Of Doom". Just like last time(jk2) I had a server up on the day of release, but I changed versions after picking up a copy at the store.


Since then on the new install the server was great for a few days. But apparently now people are telling me they can't find it on the regular list. I can see it from All Seeing Eye, as can others, but the in-game browser no longer shows it. It's a legit retail server, but it's not being listed anymore. This happened a few days after changing the running version, so it worked on this config prior to about tues-weds.


Any help is appreciated.

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Woohoo my server works!! and shows up in the all seeing eye!!


Does anyone know how to use custom maps in a dedicated server? When i type in the map name on the config and start up the server it always says cant find map mp/.....

Im using JA custom maps aswell not JO, so i dont know whats wrong :mad:

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for duel/ffa maps, you need to type


map mp/duel1 or whatever all the way up to 10


and for FFA, same deal


map mp/ffa1


and for siege you can type


map mp/siege_desert


map mp/siege_korriban


map mp/siege_hoth



same with CTF I would think(not a CTF player)

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I can use the maps that came with the game (kinky), but ive d/l some new custom multiplayer maps which i cant seem to get working in my dedicated server.

Ive seen other server's in the list using the maps ive d/l so they must work :confused: :confused:

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It seems that some of the configs posted here are edited versions of configs created by Jedi Runner. If many of the server cvars from JK2 are being used for JA then I could port the code from JK2 Runner to JA Runner pretty quickly. For those of you not familiar with Jedi Runner it is a windows program designed to make server setup as easy and painless as possible.



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Originally posted by TheAphextwin

It seems that some of the configs posted here are edited versions of configs created by Jedi Runner. If many of the server cvars from JK2 are being used for JA then I could port the code from JK2 Runner to JA Runner pretty quickly. For those of you not familiar with Jedi Runner it is a windows program designed to make server setup as easy and painless as possible.



I am running two busy Jedi Outcast servers and a Jedi Academy server, and I highly recommend Jedi Runner to anyone running a server from home or on a LAN. All three of my servers are hosted now, but I started out like many of you, a total novice running a small server on my home computer. Not only does Jedi Runner make it very easy to do complex things (custom map rotations, force\weapon disables, custom bot combinations, and much more), but the Help section is very good and explains a lot of the cvars and what they do. I also learned a lot by studying the configuration files that Jedi Runner produced. Very highly recommended.

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When do you think you will be able to switch the jedi runner program to run with Jedi Academy?


This could be a great help to me as server configurations are a real time waster to write (especially if your a newbie to this sort of thing :( ).


The cvars are slightly different in some cases to those in JO but i dont see the problem so far.

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I think the command is sv_password "<enter password> " and to get the private client spot, you need to set the sv_privatepassword "<enter my password>" and then when you go to join a game, put the private password into the password spot that usually is for entering a locked game, and that SHOULD allow you to get into the game, even with it being passworded since it is a reserved spot.

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