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The History of Dark Sovereignty (Now Recruiting)

Deft Aklin

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Renton Delphium, that was his name. A name long since forgotten, even by the eldest members of Dark Sovereignty and the Empire. Renton was a Captain in the Imperial Navy. Devoted to the Empire, yet always seeking more power, he was a cruel and ruthless man. It was from this greed and deviousness that Dark Sovereignty would eventually form.


Renton learned the political games that had brought his superiors to power, yet they all seemed to have more on him than he could gather against them. In his rage, and his inability to advance his career, he began secretly a group of other officers that would keep him deeply immersed in the knowledge he so sought.


What began as a loose knit structure however, soon began to grow. From five members, soon had twenty, and from those twenty, came a hundred more. Renton, however, no longer had time to pursue the career path that he so deeply desired. His power in this secret society had grown and now consumed almost all of his time, even to the point that it detracted from his duties as an officer.


Over time, he decided that the power he had gained outside the Empire was by far more appealing, and he retired from his post. Now, they would need a name. Something synonymous with the secret society that it was.


Dark Sovereignty, that is what they would call themselves, that is what they were. From the shadows, they twisted others to do their bidding, and shaped the face of the galaxy from the darkness. Renton had become far more powerful in secrecy than he was ever capable of as an agent of the Empire. He still supported the Empire, and kept many contacts and plants within the command structure. Many a battle was won due to information the Empire had unwittingly received from Renton's group.


Perhaps though, too much of a good thing is bad. Renton's name was becoming known amongst many high ranking officials from many walks of life. From crime lords, to Imperial Admirals, and even a few Moffs knew of him. That is why, one day, Renton would receive a rather unwelcome visit from a mysterious stranger.


Mantu Rebesto, a Dark Jedi with unknown ties, beheaded Renton, and assumed power for himself. Many of the Sovereignty's agents quickly disappeared into the shadows from which they came. Mantu controlled the remnants of the Sovereignty with an iron fist, and as his grip grew tighter, his agents became more rebellious.


Hidden, quietly lurking in the background, was one Deft Aklin. Deft had been a new addition, added just days before Renton's unfortunate mishap. Mantu had accepted him with open arms, as he seemed to have no true loyalties to the old Regent. Deft was Mantu's second.


As Regent's hand, Deft toyed with the minds of those around him. He maintained a compassionate outward appearance, slowly gaining support from his underlings. Now had come the time for action, but keeping his intentions hidden would prove most difficult, for a Dark Jedi can see things that no other being can even imagine. Deft however, knew this.


Knowledge was power, Deft lived as such. Mysteriously, it came to pass, that the Imperial Inquisition became aware of one Mantu. The Dark Jedi was not long for this galaxy, and the Emperor made sure of this.


Mara Jade was her name. She gained entry to the Dark Sovereignty headquarters, meeting little resistance, and confronted Mantu. Her power over the force was evident, and she made quick work of Mantu, though making a point to emphasize the spectacle with a display of lightning none in the organization had ever seen before. Though only a bolt of hatred, a much weaker version of the Emperor's force lightning, it wasa quite effective. Groveling, and broken, Mara made Mantu's end a statement. A statement none in the Sovereignty would soon forget.


Deft had made his deal with the Empire. Now, having witnessed the wrath of the Emperor, he would never cross him....openly. Deft easily assumed power uncontested. Now, the future of the organization was in his hands. Not as large as they were in their glory days, but now, they had the knowledge gained by past errors of the leaders of old. Now, they had a leader that respected that knowledge. Now, they would show the galaxy, what the Dark Sovereignty truly was....


Knowing that having a secret society would invoke hostility in those around them, Deft decided that perhaps having a hidden society within an announced organization would be less intimidating. Hence, Dark Sovereignty was introduced into the galaxy. No longer did they hide in the shadows...or so their enemies would think. With the cover of a military division, the Black Guard, and the Mercantile division, the Dark Shade Consortium, Dark Sovereignty could continue doing business as usual, with an even better cover than they had previously.


For this task, he would call forward some of his most trusted friends. Not that Deft ever truly trusted anyone, but he would need assistance with the expansion.


To lead the Dark Shade Consortium, Paidhi, a true genius when it came to matters of mercantalism, but even better, the man seemed quite formidable at research as well. An easily abusable aspect of his persona.


For the Black Guard, Jodauz. His skill with a weapon nearly as well-honed as his skill with tactics and creating discipline amongst the ranks. He would excel at his position.


At his side, as his Hand, Kimbak. Kimbak had shown true promise, and Deft felt comfortable with him by his side. However, that comfort, that ease of trust, always kept Deft on his toes. Such a man could easily make the same move that he had against his predecessor. The Dark Acolyte of the Orb could one day be Deft's replacement, either by choice, or by force.


Finally, to lead his intelligence division, there was only one true choice, Jeuke. Deft had always thought Jeuke an equal, if not even possibly superior in his skills of deception, though he would never admit it. He could only hope that such a title would appease Jeuke, and keep him at bay...for a time. Hopefully, he and the mysterious Hattori would be far too immersed in their duties to ever take advantage of any perceived weaknesses in the Regent. If they weren't, Deft would do his best to make sure that would change.


...And so here they stand, the Dark Sovereignty. For nearly two decades they have adapted and changed to their surroundings. Now is their time. Now is the time to show the galaxy who really is at the helm.


We now have a website, and have again begun recruiting. We are still in the process of moving from our old forums. Please, stop by and visit if you are interested, however, please do not create an account if you are not interested in joining. Post in our recruitment boards and a recruiter will get to you as soon as is humanly possible. Click this text to be forwarded to our site. We are located on the Starsider server and are an Imperial organization.....obviously.

Thanks for your interest.

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