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Personality in a Picture?


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Through my few months of being here, personality's have popped up for many of you. Posting styles have been noticed, typing skills seen, and images of people have grown in my mind.


But there is one thing that could help me out a bit more...


The small, odd picture everyone sports beneath their Name. These so called..."Avatars." When I look at them, I see things like Clowns, Thumbprints, Dogs, Jamaican Men, Stickers, Eyes, Cartoons, Sideburned Men, Scrawney People, and Busty Women. These make me wonder: What? Why did this person decide on that specific picture, out of millions possible?


So give me a wee bit 'o info. What is your avatar (exactly) why did you choose it, and what value does it hold.


With love,


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These make me wonder: What? Why did this person decide on that specific picture, out of millions possible?


first of all.. there are nearly INFINITE possibilities of avatar pictures.. on the other hand.. there is a finite number of colors and pixel given. so there must be a limit of pixel/color combinations.. but it goes near infinite.


and as you may have noticed by that sentence...


this avatar expresses my personality. spoot.

i mean. much to say. even more is spoken and no result at all. only more open points to discuss. although.. isnt that already a result..??


hmmm. and i like t.a.b. .. really.




btw.. same question goes to you.. ;)

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Well, I used to have Guybrush. You all know why.


Just recently, I realised that you could change them (I'm REALL smart). Since then, I found this wonderful "Phish" avatar. Phish is a wonderful, flawless, tremendous band that I adore. So I figured...what the heck...I'll put it on.


It's also very colorful.

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ah yes...my ever-changing avatars... although i probably won't change as often now because i'm sticking with this one since it's my "trademark" homemade thumbprint...here's a niice looooong list of all of my avatars that i've made, why i made them, and why (if i did) used them. :D

keep in mind that these are only the ones that i made, the other two (dinghy dog and the ghost pirate from the LF database or whatever) were just because i hadn't yet learned that i could make my own and use it.

also-the titles of these av's are their file names on my computer. i was going to put them on here...but unfortunately i can't because my page designing thing won't load, and plus i think the maximum images in a post is 8 or something and if you look at my signature....

avatar optical

well, this avatar is that corner thing that i had with all the colors on it. damn i wish i could post it. oh well. i made this one because i had previously made a big bitmap of a bunch of interlaying rectangles with rounded corners, and once i knew i could make avatars, then i just took one corner and made it an av. i used it because i was in a colorful mood and was feeling good, plus i wanted a change from my usual dull and boring av's, so i used it.



i never used this, but it says "vote 4 me!" on it, with the words written in red, the background green. the "v" is a box with a checkmark, as in a ballot, and the "o" is a smiley face. i didn't use it because i had many other campaign av's, and i made the avatar because it was supposed to be used in my campaign during the awards that took place in may, which eventually got cancelled once the whole harbor-moderation thing occured, but that's okay.


das mole thumbprint

this is a thumprint exactly like the one in my av now, except instead of half being red and black and half being green and white, it's all red and black. i used it as my original das mole avatar, and i used it because it represented my favorite show "the mole". i also swapped it out with another avatar, a green and white one, depending on how i was feeling. red meant "i'm more likely to pick a fight with you", green meant "i'm feeling good, i'll agree with almost whatever you say". i made it because once i got my username to be "das mole", i made a thumbprint, and this was before i thought to make a combo av.



i created this av once natty said she was leaving, it's a big crying smiley face on a dark blue and black background. i don't believe i used it, because i was going to switch to it, and then i thought "well, that looks stupid", even though i was feeling that way about it.


go and execute

well, in the show "the mole", after the players take their tests about clues to the identity of the mole, they meet in a room and one by one, their names are typed into the computer and a thumbprint is shown on the screen. once the host presses enter on the keyboard, the name box goes off of the screen and there's a bit of pause (to draw a little bit of suspense), and the screen either turns green or red. green means they didn't get the lowest score and they remain in the game, red means they got the lowest score and they then are kicked off the show. so i combined my two av's with thumbs on them (the red one and the green one) into this lovely avatar, which is the one i'm currently using. i'm using it because...it's a nice little combination, and it's also given me my two "trademark" colors, which i color nearly every avatar with, red and green (like my feelings avatars i had for a while).


go and execute2

this av is a variation of my first go and execute avatar, but it's divided into strictly two halves, the top one being red and black and the bottom one being green and white. i haven't used it because...i just think it looks completely retarded.


go through

just like my "das mole thumbprint" avatar, except with green and white. as i said, i would swap this one out from time to time depending on how i was feeling. i've used this one as well.


heartless av

i took an av from the LF database and tweaked it around a little bit. it's one of those jolly roger av's or whatever, and i just took the skull and put it in the middle, then i took a heart from one of them and blew it up to the correct size, then just stuck the heart in the middle of it and that's the av. i haven't used it because it looks stupid.



well, this avatar of jewel was a picture of her in that little booklet you always get with a cd. you know, they have the lyrics in them and all that? well, i scanned it and ther skin color was all orange, so i haven't used it because it looks really stupid.


kewl custom colors

i made a bunch of custom colors on mspaint and then i made that hexagon-shaped avatar thing that said "vote mole" on it. you know, that one? it was another campaign one, one that i used frequently because it looked so good.



well, i made a series of avatars that say "look closely..." on them, and they're all different colors. one red, one yellow, one green, and one blue. i took a color and filled a 70x70 bitmap with it, then i took it and modified it so it was a little lighter, then wrote "look closely..." on all of the four things with the lighter colors. i don't know why, but it seemed interesting, just to have a blue av and people wonder what it means, and then they see "look closely..." if they do. i dunno. i never used them though, becasue i was just too lazy to bother at the time, i guess.



see the above one, except it's green, not blue.



same as the blue one, but red



blahblahblah yellow.


other av. optical

this one is a bunch of those rectangle things with the rounded corners that i mentioned before, you know? except this one is the whole overlay thing and not just one corner. i think i may have used it...when i was also using my corner one, because i went through a little phase of nice colorful avatars


phoenix avatar

i took a pic offline of a drawing of a phoenix and reduced it to 70x70 pixels, then i just used it for the day of the aliens forum and that was the only place i used it. my custom title is still the same, although i could change it if i really wanted to, but since i'm lazy...never mind.



stands for "you vote for me now" avatar, in which i drew a planet and it's surrounding moons, and on the moons i wrote "u vote 4 me now", with one word on a seperate moon, and then i drew a smiley face on the planet. this was also a campaign avatar for the awards, and i'm not sure whether or not i used it.


vote 4 moley

a sig with a circle in the bottom right-hand corner, the circle filled with green and the rest filled with red. inside the circle it say "vote 4 me!!!!!" and on the outside, it says "u must", meaning "you must vote for me!!!!!". it was yet another campaign avatar, and i believe i used it for a couple of days before i switched to the custom color avatar.



means 'whatever'. i took one of my optical avatars or something and i inverted the colors, so it looks retarded and i was in too much of a creative "slump" to figure out a name, so i didn't. i didn't use it at all because, like i said, it looks retarded.


yufster's avatar

i'm not sure how many of you can remember this one, but when yufster asked philbrush in that one thread to make an avatar, which was very specific, i actually made it and it has a cactus with blankets draped over it and things like that. i personally haven't used it and neither did yufster, but i sent it to her and all that stuff.


my "feelings" avatars

okay, there were seven of these and i'm not gonna explain them all seperately, but there were: confused, ecstatic, happy, mad, pissed, sad, and sarcastic. all of these were just smileys from the forums here and i put them all in one and colored the one i was feeling like with green and the rest with red. i made these because my thought of them was generated from the wonderful "someone hiiilllffeeee. i need a new avatar." thread.



this is a simple avatar, 70x35, horizontally, and it just has a red and green background, it's a bunch of red and green lines and has "das" written on top in white. i haven't used it because i think the word 'das' is a wee bit hard to read on the av, and i was too stupid to bother using it.



the girl in my sig image, elisabeth from survivor 2: the australian outback, my favorite survivor ever, and i just made an avatar of her by finding a pic online and just cropping it.



well, as you know, we have (or had, i don't know if it's gone) the battle hack system here, and i just took what my guy looked like and took what all the elements symbols looked like and stuck them on a white background and that's basically it. i haven't used it because it's really simple and doens't look too good.



i used this one for a while, and it's just a picture of my guy blown up a little bit, on a green background, with pictures of the water element going down the sides, and red in the little dips that they form around the edges.



this one i used for quite a while, it's the intersection of the three circles one with all of the six colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple in it. i used it because it's nice and colorful and it looks good, too.



same as tricolorav, but with inverted colors, i think i may have used this one for maybe a day or something.



same as tricoloravinvert, but it's like the tricolorav with bullseye rings on it, and every other ring has the inverted colors. it's really confusing and a little too complex for my liking, which is why i didn't use it.



has a picture of the battle hack system water element, on a dark blue background, and then the word "eau" (water in french) in a purple color next to it. i didn't use it because it's really small, 35x70 or something, i don't like it all too much.



some drawing i found online by some person and it looks really freaky. it's this person sitting on a log and they've got blue skin and a whole big tail thing of purple feathers, like a peacock's tail, but much, much more dense. i can't really explain it, but it looks good, i just haven't used it because it doesn't really have any meaning except that it's a drawing i found online. of course, i had to reduce the size of it, but it's still the drawing.



just a picture of heidi klum's face, because she looks good. i used it for a while, during my jewel avatars.


a bunch of pictures of jewel

as you know, i have a whole bunch of pictures of jewel because i like her a lot. here's the names of all of them, i can't really explain them in detail because they're all jewel, just in different pictures.

they are: jewel, jewel4lf, jewelcampaign, jewelprofile, scaryjewel, veryhotjewel, veryhotjewelreversed. they're all pretty mcuh the same, but my favorite one is probably veryhotjewelreversed, which is a picture of jewel, but inverted, in which she is very hot. i used it for a while, maybe about three weeks, and then i just switched back to the one i have now.


and i believe that's all. thanks for reading (if you decided to), and that's the wonderful world of my avatars. :) i hope that it contained very high-quality entertainment value, as i'm sure it did ;)

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Mine's an anime character that I sympathized with (if you've seen the anime, you'll think I'm weird, but that aside :p), put as my avatar, and used it for so long that I stopped remembering that I needed to change it. ;)


Now if I did change it...I'm not sure people would recognize me! :D

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Everybody chack out my new avatar! I uploaded it, like 5 minutes ago and I've been working on it for hours!


Okay- My Pirate name is Mad Anne Bonnie, but I'm not really a pirate, so this is a piccie of what I think my "inner pirate" looks like.;) She's loosely based on Jess, a character I invented a while ago, who's in a story I'm trying to write right now.


Luv Bonnie:D

PS- I bet when I look it turns out it didn't change my avatar and this post will jave been completely pointless...Oh, well....;)

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A few of my friends say I look like that particular breed of dog (what is it called?), so it has kinda stuck. Lacking the artistic skill to make anything better or more original, I got that one from some site with a crapload of animated gifs. If I ever come up with anything more interesting, it'll change.

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