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Well I think it’s about time to have an archived clan list for JA clans. Hopefully this will help the community get more organized, please only post once per clan/team this is NOT A RECRUITMENT PAGE ,



Please include the following that apply to your clan:


Clan/Team Name:

Structural Leadership: [Committee, Democracy, Just Friends, so on, so on]



Accepting Members:


Type: Ladder Team/Community

Alignment: [Republic, Empire, Neutral, Sith, Jedi so on, so on]

Main Game Type: [siege, Duel so on, so on]


Recruitment/Personal Forum:

Other Contact Info: [E-mail, telepathy j/k so on, so on]


Brief Background:



I hope to see a bunch of great JA clan Links soon!!!!!




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Clan/Team Name: Dacre Jedi Academy

Structural Leadership: [Committee, Democracy, Just Friends, so on, so on] How should I explain it... We use ranks... And skills are not required to join, all you need is a brain.

Founder: Chris Dacre

Tag: [DJA]

Accepting Members: Yes

Ladder: No

Type: Ladder Team/Community

Alignment: [Republic, Empire, Neutral, Sith, Jedi so on, so on] Sith and Jedi, depends on what House you are in...

Main Game Type: [siege, Duel so on, so on] Free For All mostly

Website: http://dja-clan.cjb.net (made by me!)

Recruitment/Personal Forum: http://lordpain.proboards22.com/index.cgi

Other Contact Info: [E-mail, telepathy j/k so on, so on] MSN and perhaps e-mail

Requirements: A brain and nice attitude

Brief Background: I don't know what you mean with this...

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Clan/Team Name: HAZARD

Structural Leadership: Just friends

Founder: Mr. X


Accepting Members: Sure

Ladder: Maybe

Type: Community

Alignment: Neutral. We play for fun.

Main Game Type: Duel mostly

Website: http://www.hazardclan.com

Recruitment/Personal Forum: http://www.hazardclan.com/forums/

Other Contact Info: Various. Check the forums.

Requirements: Generally speaking, we only accept folks 18 y/o or older. Many of us are adults with families and children. Though it doesn't hurt to try if you are under 18.

Brief Background: Started quite a few years ago (10 or so). These days we mainly play JK2, Raven Shield, and SOF2, but are now spreading our wings with JA. We're mainly a bunch of friends from all over the world (U.S., Canada, UK, etc.) who just like to play and have fun. We also use TeamSpeak to chat with while we're playing, so if you'd like to join, expect on getting it (it's free). And of course, broadband is preferred, though certainly not required.


Look us up. We're always looking for good people to play with.

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Clan/Team Name: IGF/DJO (Imperial Ground Forces, only a Club of the Dark Jedi Organization, you've probably heard of them from JK1)


Structural Leadership: We have a Military way of assigning people to division, we create an organised structure in which everybody has his or her place. Every IGF members has a superior officer which is there to help him with a great variety of things. The structure page can be viewed here.


Founder: Dunno, i don't intend in searching it out either :p

Tag: IGF ;)


Accepting Members: Always but invite only


Ladder: Many, it has it's own too i believe


Type: Victory, Fun and improving skills, like any other clan :p


Alignment: It doesn't matter I don't think, if it does then it's dark :p


Main Game Type: All, We're huge


Website: http://www.darkjedi.org/club/igf/


Recruitment/Personal Forum: If you decide you want to join, e-mail me for a tryout.


Other Contact Info: you can find everything you need on the site


Requirements: Depends


Brief Background: I was playing with em on their server and was asked to join, aware of their great reputation and needing some tips (it was the first day of JA)


They're pretty big and most are usually welcome :D Loads of events and so on :)

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Clan/Team Name: |GlobensGeng|


Structural Leadership: We have two big leaders(me, and "|GG|Boss"), but high ranked members can also make big descisions.


Founder: |GG|Boss


Tag: |GG|


Accepting Members: Always


Ladder: Maybe


Type: Community


Alignment: Most members are dark, but we have lots of light members too.


Main Game Type: Mostly Siege and FFA.


Website: http://www.GlobensGeng.IsAmazing.com


Personal Forum: Yep


Requirements: Politeness!


Brief Background: We were playing JO first, but we changed to JA when it came out. The clan is about 9 months old.

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Clan/Team Name: The IRON Brigade

Structural Leadership: Democracy

Founder: Bishop and Trolby IRON


Accepting Members: Yes

Ladder: None currently

Type: Fun, modding and will include some ladder in the future

Alignment: Neutral

Main Game Type: Duel and siege preferred, but all game types are open to members

Website: http://www.iron-hq.com

Recruitment/Personal Forum: http://www.iron-hq.com

Other Contact Info: visit our site for more contacts

Requirements: we have a strict 18+ age requirement

Brief Background: The IRON Brigade was started four years ago as a haven for adult gamers. We have a very diverse bunch of people who enjoy many different types of games, including our JA team. Our JA team is made up of several of our JO members and others. We communicate over IM and voice ware and have several servers for our members and the community. We play mostly for fun, some competition and we are seeking to expand our modding abilities.

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Clan/Team Name: Dutch Jedi Masters


Structural Leadership: We have a system in which our staff members lead the clan (staff members are the people that do a lot for our clan, for example: war arrangers & webmasters).

The rest of the clan still maintains a lot of influence in the clan, as we'll usually check with the members before making a decision.

Certain subjects shall ofcourse be decided upon by the clan as a whole (in form of a vote).

So basically, we're a mix between a 'multiple-man leadership' and a democracy.


Original Founder (in JK2) : Droniac


"Revivers" (re-foundation for JA) : Droniac & Sagittarius


Tag: -=DJM=-


Accepting Members: Yes


Ladder: None at the moment (though we're working on it)


Type: A competitive clan based around improvement and fun.


Alignment: We're neutral.


Main Game Type: Siege & Capture the Flag


Website: http://www.dutchjedimasters.tk


Recruitment/Personal Forum: can be found on http://www.dutchjedimasters.tk


Other Contact Info: All contact information can be found on our website.


Requirements: We only accept people that are dutch & pass our tests.


Brief Background: DJM was first founded as a Jedi Knight 2 clan, on the 20th of May 2002.

In August 2002 we decided to stop, most members had already left for different games and JK2 wasn't as much fun as it used to be (1.04 was a version that none of us liked).

Back in April 2003, Jedi Academy was announced to the public.

Droniac & Sagittarius got their heads together and only a day after the announcement they started working on reviving DJM.

All of us are dutch and we have pretty high standards for membership.

Check out our website, forum and/or IRC channel for more information.

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Clan/Team Name: Dark Brotherhood of the Emperor's Hammer

Structural Leadership: Dictatorship

Founder: GA Ronin

Current Leader: Darth Nocturnus


Accepting Members: Yes

Ladder: We have many internal competitions + we participate to Battlestats competitions.

Type: Our structure is well explained here: http://www.ehdb.net/dsc/index.html

Alignment: Dark Side of the Force

Main Game Type: FFA / Duel

Website: http://www.ehdb.net/

Recruitment/Personal Forum: http://mb.emperorshammer.net/viewforum.php?f=6

Other Contact Info: #ehdb channel on Undernet servers or you can send a mail at q3cte@uni-bonn.de

Brief Background: The Dark Brotherood is a sub group of the Emperor's Hammer Strke Fleet (http://www.emperorshammer.org). We simulate an imperial dictatorship based on the dark side so we have ranks, medals, squadrons as well as roleplaying for those who want something more than simple MPing.

We play Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy .

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Clan/Team Name: The Guardians of the Force

Structural Leadership: A council of 5 voted by the members (Democracy), and we consider ourselves best friends.

Founder: Rhodite (though he is not with us today...)


Accepting Members: Yes

Ladder: We may be starting competitions soon...

Type: Community

Alignment: Light-Side Jedi

Main Game Type: FFA

Website: http://www.gotf-clan.tk

Recruitment/Personal Forum: http://saiwan.proboards13.com/

Other Contact Info: Check at the forums.

Requirements: Have a good attitude, let us get to know you better, have patience, have fun, and have some skill ;)

Brief Background: We have been around for about 2 years now, but we have never made ourselves known to the JK community. We are a light-side, saber-only clan and we firmly uphold the ideals of the Jedi Knights in the movies and Expanded Universe. Joining is not as easy as 1-2-3, as we tend to get to know you better before allowing anyone to join. We have a variety of clan events, such as competitions and RPG's which are really fun.

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Clan/Team Name: Jedi of Old Code

Structural Leadership: Jedi Council - currently have 7 Council Members, each Council Members will be rotated to be the Chair of the Council each month, mainly to initiate events, sort out issues...

Founder: Several former members of the Knights of Alderaan

Tag: JOC

Accepting Members: Yes

Ladder: eventually we will...

Type: a truely Globalized Clan with members from around the world

Alignment: Light-Side Jedi

Main Game Type: FFA, Role-Playing

Website: http://www.jediofoldcode.com

Recruitment/Personnel Forum:

palarious_finx@jediofoldcode.com if you base in North America;

isil_ohtar@jediofoldcode.com if you base in Europe;

siraious_altear@jediofoldcode.com if you base in Asia or Australia

Other Contact Info: ric_dsunga@jediofoldcode.com or tzuriel_azar@jediofoldcode.com

Requirements: mature attitude, honest, polite, want to make friends around the globe (we have members from US, Europe, Australia and Asia) and if possible a starwars fan.

Brief Background: set up by several former members from the Knights of Alderaan. We focus on character development. There is a main story plot (200 years after the ROTJ) of the Order where everyone can help to develop by participating in RP events/missions (the outcome of these events/missions determine the development of our story), but members can also help create side-stories or their own stories from time to time to generate extra fun in the game play. We also prefer to interact with outside clans, invite different clans into our RP events/missions or to have dueling competition with each other.

Others: We have a first class dedicated server which allows 24 players playing at once, with exceptional speed, set up for 24/7.

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clan name The Infamous Holo Pirhanas


Structural leadership Jedi Academy Squad Leaders : Amaze, Eiko, Efkay and Lotus. Make decisions regarding team tactics, new recruits, training days etc. All good friends.


Founders Murpher and Salsashark.


Tag ihp


Accepting Members Yes, must be skilled though.


Ladder Electronic Sports League 5 v 5 Full Force, All Weapons Capture the Flag.




Type Dedicated CTF squad.


Alignement Mixed.


Main Game Type Capture The Flag


Website http://www.ihp-clan.de


Recruitment / Personal Forum here


other Contact info nope ;)


Requirements Skilled Gunner with clan experience in CTF. Must be able to strafe jump and self kill. No RPGing. :)


Brief History founded 2 years ago for Counter-Strike, then branched out into other games including JA. The JA squad has been going for about 2 months now.

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Clan/Team Name: The Dark Order of the Sith

Structural Leadership: Republican-based Council, with Council Master

Founder: Phallus (me)

Tag: -{DOS}-

Accepting Members: Yes

Ladder: Soon to come, upon more members joining...

Type: General, enjoyable, saber/force only community.

Alignment: Sith

Main Game Type: FFA

Website: http://www.-dos-.cjb.net

Recruitment/Personal Forum: http://www.-dos-.cjb.net (click forums, then recruitment)

Other Contact Info: phal@-dos-.cjb.net

Requirements: May be asked to duel current members to prove worth, or show other useful skill (mapping, modeling, skinning, etc)

Brief Background: Started in the late Jedi Outcast days, and none of the members from JK2 carried over and bought Jedi Academy. Phallus went alone, representing the entire clan on various servers and drawing inquiries as to what this unknown clan was. More recently, members have been slowly accumulating, and with then mark of 10 members, a new Council member will be elected by the members as a whole. Also with the mark of 15 members, a server will be purchased for the clan's use.

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Clan/Team Name: The Psychotic Sons of the Force

Structual Leadership: FunkMaestro & Dr. Hook is currently leading clan with help from Darkstorn.

Founder: FunkMaestro & Dr. Hook

Tag: [PSF]

Accepting Members: YES, prefer Medium skilled as minimum

Ladder: Someday yes...

Type: Danish (!), fun, tactical & enjoyable Siege & FFA clan!

Alignment: Mixed

Main Game Type: Siege

Website: http://www.clan-psf.tk

Recruitment and forums: http://s2.invisionfree.com/psfforums

Requirements: Must be an good gunner (we are in need of Assaults) and have a good tactical sense for strategy, and must be willing to teamwork. Meet us in the forums for more details...

Brief Background: Started in the Jk2 days by the friends FunkMaestro and Dr. Hook. Darkstorn and ReAl_WoPpEr joined later. They played for a while, recruited one member (who never got to play), and sort of dissapeared from the community. But Funk, Hook and Storn had'nt forgot the good old days, and after the release of Jedi Academy, we founded PSF once again!!

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Clan/Team Name: Sith Legends [sL]

Structural Leadership: everything is decided democraticly at this point as we have only found four worthy of our title :)

Founders: AC/DCfanBill, Darth Cobra, Fusion, rat-trap

Tag: [sL]

Accepting Members: on an invite basis only

Ladders: cog, and TWL

Type: we are just getting started on ladders, but play on pubs quite often.

Alignment: We are Sith of course ;)

Main Game Type: the clan is FF SO TFFA but most of us are proficient in NF and FF dueling as well, we focus on TFFA tho

Website: up soon

Recruitment/Personal Forum: #sithlegends @ GamesNET or our server [sL] Sith Academy -

Other Contact Info: message us either thru the forums, meet on IRC, or hang out in our server.

Requirements: skill with a saber, but not without the use of forces

Brief Background: Cobra and i have been playing since JK2 came out, we ran into a couple other people who either had skills, or showed the promise and mentality we thought was needed for excellent FFA and TFFA matches and decided to start a team

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Clan/Team Name: kaoticz

Structural Leadership: just friends

Founder: rumor

Tag: alias+/< or /<aoticz|alias

Accepting Members: Yes (invite only)

Ladder: TWL/COG

Type: FF/SO 2v2 (maybe guns ctf/tdm and sabers 4v4 in the future)

Alignment: wtf we don't rp

Main Game Type: TDM

Website: http://www.kaoticz.com

Recruitment/Personal Forum: #kaoticz on irc.enterthegame.com

Other Contact Info: whore our forums and idle in our irc chan

Requirements: team player, friendly, good spirited, can take iron's flaming

Brief Background: most of us were in the grendel clan and decided to leave it due to the atmosphere that pervaded it (some ppl being too big for their pants, etc--we loved laming :p) so we made this clan to compete

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Clan/Team name: The Guardians


Structural Leadership: High Council (democracy) one vote per council member.


Founder: Falon Gar


Tag: [G]


Accepting Members: Yes


Ladder: at some point soon


Type: Clan built around fun, team work, and improving ones skill.


Alignment: Both Sith and Jedi


Main Game Type: FFA/team FFA


Website: http://www.freewebs.com/guardiansoftheforce/index.htm


Recruitment/ personal Forum: http://gof.proboards21.com/index.cgi


Requirments: Good attitude, skill, and team work.


Brief Background: We are a new clan, all of our current members are former members of the First Fighters. We started this clan when the first fighters disbanded. The first fighters have been around for 1-2yrs in games such as Jedi Outcast, Battlefield, and Medal of honor.

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I don't have so much time for the moment to write everything of this but a lil.



Clan: Jedi Farmers( JKA CLAN)


Founders: Nymf and Saibot(Both old JK2 players)


Leaders:Nymf and Saibot


Website: http://www.jf-jk3.tk


Started: In the begining of November or in the end of October


Numbers of members at the moment: 7


Hi folks BTW!!!

I'm new here:cool:

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Clan/Team Name: The LORD clan

Structural Leadership: between Democrathy and constitutional monarchy

Founder: -=|Lord|=-Tiedott

Tag: -=|Lord|=-

Accepting Members: Yes

Ladder: ATM No.

Alignment: Saberers

Main Game Type: Duel / FFA-Duels

Website: http://www.lordclan.tk

Recruitment/Personal Forum: http://lord.aowc.net/forums.asp

Other Contact Info: email or PM me.

Requirements: Being active and engaged.


Server: (PW: nolamers)


Brief Background: This clan is concentrating on skillfull duelling /ffa-duels, but also covering other gametypes.


cya :)

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Clan/Team Name: Rogue Jedi

Structural Leadership: Council

Founder: Brian Duschel


Accepting Members: Invite Only

Ladder:Not at this time

Type: Community

Alignment: Jedi

Main Game Type: FFA, TFFA, Duel

Website: http://roguejedi.low-ping.com

Recruitment/Personal Forum: Found under Forums on Clan Site

Other Contact Info: pippen@roguejedi.net,robbu@roguejedi.net

Requirements: Versed in the Basics of Saber Combat. Team Free For All also helpful

Brief Background: Rogue Jedi has been around since the early days of JKII. Was disbanded a year later due to lack of game interest. Was reformed Novemebr 1st 2003. Rogue Jedi meets daily on Gamespy.com in the JKA Lobby.



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Clan/Team Name: Defenders of the Force

Structural Leadership: Clan Leader and/or Co-Leader

Founder: JediKiller and SpecialForces with the help of MasterSidious and Dark

Tag: [DF]

Accepting Members: Invite Only

Ladder: Not at this time

Type: Community

Alignment: Jedi

Main Game Type: FFA

Website: http://www.freewebs.com/defendersoftheforce

Recruitment/Personal Forum: Our server and clan website under forums

Other Contact Info: AIM: darkestmYouth, MSN: mastersidious_6@hotmail.com, yahoo: greatestchild_197, e-mail mastersidious_6@hotmail.com

Requirements: Knows your way around with the saber

Brief Background: We started in Christmas of 2003 and have been togeather ever since. Growing number of members all the time, mostly because of instant admin access. We have gotten a server just two weeks ago and will have it up indefinitely, the server runs 24/7. We try to please everyone, our goals are to make everyone happy and not have a bunch or ranks...


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Dark Lords of the Sith


Clan/Team Name: Dark Lords of the Sith

Structural Leadership: Council of 7 Clan Leaders

Founder: Cloud, Dodgers, Saze, Scan, Sparky, Xanatos, Viper

Tag: -|DLS|-

Accepting Members: upon sponsorship from two council members

Ladder: yes

Type: Community

Alignment: Sith (only way to go ;-))

Main Game Type: FFA and TFFA

Website: http://www.dls-clan.net

Recruitment/Personal Forum: http://www.dls-clan.net/forum

Other Contact Info: but what if i'm not joking about the telepathy?

Requirements: non-argumentative (yes i know that's so unsith like, but we are just playing a game here)

Brief Background: currently at just over 50 members, and imo one of the best skilled clans, currently have 2 servers (i'm on a computer at school and dont' have the ip addresses), and a strong council with all members contributing :-D

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Clan/Team Name: Waldi Forces (meaning of the name requires detailed description :D)


Structural Leadership: Constitution, Jedi Council (Server Admins) Clanwar organizers


Founder: Tops


Tag: [WF]


Accepting Members: Yes (Invite only - requests will be tested)


Ladder: Clanbase


Type: Community


Alignment: Neutral (non-laming, non-whining)


Main Game Type: ffa, duel, tffa


Website: http://www.waldi-forces.com


Recruitment/Personal Forum: Jediservers.com hosted server Forum 1, Forum 2


Other Contact Info: webmaster@waldi-forces.com


Requirements: stating your attitude and overall skill


Brief Background: The idea of being online 24/7 lead us to an international clan. It pretty much works but the time change prevents us from being online to the same time because of members from Australia, US, Germany, Taiwan, Finland etc...


Server IP: changing settings - will be updated in one week

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