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Originally posted by razorace

Uh, exactly what did they do?


...for customizing aspects of the MP game (and SP too for that matter).


I honestly don't know what the specific ones are for JA, but many of them were holdovers from Quake III Arena, so I'd imagine a lot of them are still valid in JA... but I don't really know since I don't even have JA yet... :p


At any rate, I'm sure more will be revealed in time... like if we ever get an SDK!



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Um, recombinant, Razorace knows what cvars are, he's worked with JO coding a lot, and made his own cvars... "They" refers to Apex Twin.


Paste this into your console:


clear; cvarlist; condump cvarlist.txt; clear; cmdlist; condump cmdlist.txt


It dumps all listed console variables and commands to their respective files. I say listed, because some don't show up in the, only when you use the autocomplete (TAB), and some never show up, like /THEDESTROYER in JO.

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