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Difference between siege and ffa


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my point is, in siege you can drive an ATST or a swoop. is that posible in all MP? in SP you can use a cheat to play all models, even for ex. the rancor. he has quite a few animations but its somehow fun. in MP it was not posible to load any non humanoid skeleton model, even though in siege you can drive a ATST. now if its posible to place for ex. a rancor as playable in a siege map that would open a lot of new things to play.


to explain what i want to know, i have to say that i made a droideka model for JO. i finished the model and made a new animation file for it. but the problem with JO was that it dident alow by coding to play in MP any other then the humanoid skeleton animation. i could use the droideka model ony in SP what wasent very fun and i couldnt figure out how to change the movement speed and all the weapon things to make a good droideka SP mod. if i could have the droideka model in a siege game like the ATST, then we could have new models with all new animations.


here is a link to my droideka projekt



i know nothing about coding and all this, but i have some good ideas for new model with new animation for some kind of siege or other MP game modes: federation vs. gungans or federation vs. clones, with all the used vehicle, aircrafts and units. to animate vehicle is quite easy cause it has few movements and dont use the lightsaber :)


so the main question is how is siege coded? whats the difference to ffa? how to make new siege maps and how to add the playermodel?



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I'm not 100% sure but there are npcs in Siege. If someone was to make a good Naboo or Droid Control Ship style map then perhaps your mdoel could be used like how the Rancor is used in the Tatooine map.


I think that would be the best use of the model at the moment.


As for making it player controlled. Well that's a whole different ball game. It could work something like the ships do. But as razorace said, the player would have to be 'inside' the droid. I don't think it would be possible to do it any other way....

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what you mean with the player needs to be inside the model? the player needs to control the model, the question is if you can for ex. start a siege game as ATST. in JO it wasnt posible to use any other animation then the humanoid in MP. here in JA it must be posible cause there is the ATST in MP.


my question is if someone tried to make a mod in wich a siege starting model was replaced trough an ATST. is it possible to start a siege game with an other then the humanoid animation?


when i start a SP game in cheat mode i can change the model to rancor and play as rancor. but i cant change model to swoop, i have to create it and can it use then. in MP i cant change model to rancor or ATST, i get a wrong animation error, altough ATST animation does work in MP as we see in siege. creat swoop doesnt work in MP neither. if a model is a playermodel for it self or if its ridable doesnt matter, the animation works in MP. but how can i bring it in game and make it accessable? is there a cheat to creat a swoop in a ffa map?

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so we need the JA source code to make new vehicles?


i modeled a vehicle and brought it in game, i also made a new .veh file in the ext_data\vehicles folder. this file seems to describe all the relevant things like speed, turning rate, weapons and all this. but it wasnt enought to spawn the new model as vehicle in a cheat enabled SP game. did i miss an importent file or does it need to change the source code?

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Update, it worked! i have a stap in game!


i just found the Jedi Knight Racer mod/map by Chrono et al. and there i saw it. it needs a second file, a .npc file in the ext_data/npcs folder. all together and its in game!


i hope to load up some pics soon.



but there are two drawbacks:


first, it worked only for SP, i still dont know the cheat to spawn vehicles in MP. so for MP (as i know now) its only posible if someone bilds a map with a vehicle already in it.


second, on a stap you stand so right now i have the wrong carriage on it. i have to find out how it is defind, i need the one like on one of these standing guns.



we get close to new vehilces!

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You can spawn all the available vehicles into both SP and MP.

You type in devmap/devmapall mapname

and then once the new map is loaded type npc spawn vehicle vehiclename. Here's a list:
















I think that's the lot but there might be more Check the assets1.pk3 file and check for the .npc files and their corresponding .veh files.

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Yes there are NPC's in JA MP.


Siege_Hoth has a Wampa, and the Blaster Turrets (not sure if they're considered AI though). Plus there's an R5 unit (that scoots along unaware of the dangers around him) that the attacking team destroys to take the codes from its head to take down the security grid.


Siege_Desert has a Rancor, plus the programmable (tech's turn them on) Security Guns.


Siege_Korriban has another Rancor.


Other vehicles you can spawn in (note that "Swoop" is untextured, but the others are just fine):






Good luck, your idea sounds cool!

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