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Am I the only one who remembers this? (siege_destroyer and ships)

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Originally posted by Igor_Cavkov

like rougue squadron?? hahahaha u gota be kidding me ,..whell ok it looks like rogue squadron 1 atleast and it didnt contain space battles!


Hrm, I see a pic that has an X-Wing during space battle, sure doesn't look like it's from Jedi Academy.. and you laugh cause I mention Rogue Squadron?


Picture of Rogue Squadron: Rebel Strike



for Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leader

The Facts



- Return to the classic universe of the Star Wars trilogy movies

- Pilot a wide selection of classic ships as heroes Luke Skywalker or Wedge Antilles

- Fly in third-person view or view the action from inside the cockpits of the crafts

- Play through more than 10 regular missions including Attack on the Death Star and Battle of Hoth

- Master the skills needed to become Rogue Leader in a training course based on Tatooine

- Unlock several secret levels, ships and modes of play

- Beautiful graphics include detailed ship and object models, lighting effects, extensive geometry and advanced texture effects

- MusyX-powered Dolby Pro Logic II Surround Sound experience

- Commendable DVD-like extras including a behind-the-scenes documentary and level commentary

- Streamlined, spectacular interface blends FMV cut-scenes from the movies seamlessly into the menus

- Runs in progressive scan mode if your television supports it

- Single-player game



I guess I missed the funny part.

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I quickly made up a 14,000 cubed map and with the speed of the x-wing it takes no time to fly across it and with the handling it's even worse. The maps would have to be very big, but like I said before I think they did try to release a space map with JA (as shown by the siege_destroyer.nav file still in the PK3) but it was either too big (vis becomes a problem at that map size) or they didn't iron out the vehicle controls properly.

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Wow, that is amazingly cool!


Vis isn't a problem with Q3Map2, and if you know what you're doing. Buggy code is the only reason I can think of, they probably didn't have time to complete it. But do you know what that means? PATCH! :eek:

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You can go up to 65,536 units in Radiant, and Mike Gummelt said it might be higher in JA, but he wasn't sure.


Even still, to hell with space battles, man you could do ground battles with ships! BF1942!!!

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According to Mike, they got maps up to 120,000 width and 120,000 units high. And i was able to get it per se in the latest beta release of GTKRadiant, but it crashed when I tried compiling although I think I pick the wrong one:( But I will try to see what I can come up with.

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I love the Rogue Sqaudron series. I would really love to play RS2 and RS3, but I would never lower myself to buy a gamecube,,,,, I might ask the 10 year old kid across the street to lend me his for a couple of days :p


**goes off cursing lucasarts for bringing out cool game on crappy kiddy console only**


I think there are a lot of suprises in store for JA(MP), this will probably be one of them.... or then again it could have been a screen for the galaxies space battles expansion, who knows.....




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Look at the post right above the 2 of your's by "WadeV1589."

Go to his link, read his post, and download his file. The two of your posts are like it's still up for discusion about if the pic was JKA that was posts at the top of the thread... lol


It was JKA and "WadeV1589's" pretty much showes it beyond a resonable doubt.. I think lol

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Then it looks like a group of us should get together and build our own siege level in x-wings and fighters :D I can map and edit the vehicles to be more usable, but that'll be one BIG siege level so I'd say at least 3 of us should work together, any volunteers :D

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