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MP Flyable Vehicle Discussion

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Some, if not most of you have most likely tried spawning flyable vehicles in MP. For those of you who haven't when you do, your life/shield circle quarter in the HUD changes to an outline of the ship you're in and the crosshair changes, also each ship has a primary fire and most of a secondary fire. This at first led me to believe that the flying vehicles were meant to be placed in by the modding community in seige levels and possibly even other levels, however when I try to fly them, all they do is keep turning one direction until I hit something then it does a barrel roll into the ground. I was wondering if anyone has figured out a way to fix this, or if anyone would be willing to make a mod for this, or if anyone even cares about the possibility of flying vehicles. If you want to check them out here they are:


syntax: /npc spawn vehicle <name>





Tie-Bomber2 (haven't checked this one)


YT-1300 (this model won't load, but it should be the Falcon)

lambdashuttle (Imperial shuttle, complete with folding wings)


Thanks for your time.

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The problem is, you can keep setting the turn speed for the vehicles but the actual turning stops at around 40 degrees. So when you move the mouse the other way, you have to cancel out the entire turning affect....So you have to learn when to stop moving the mouse (i.e. when the vehicle hits its peak turning curve). I can actually see a joystick making it easier, afterall they limit how far you can move them and with a few adjustments to their affect, get them working well.

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Ok here we go



Load up /devmap test (I apologise for the total crudeness but this map really is just for testing :p)

/noclip your way up to the top of one of the pillars (flat surface) - trust me on this one!

First do /npc spawn vehicle x-wing, enter it and try flying around

Then do /npc spawn vehicle x-wing2, enter it and try flying around


BTW easiest way to take off is to hold jump until the x-wing lifts up and the jets ignite, then use the mouse to stear :)


Hopefully you'll find x-wing2 to be easier to control, but both still hard if it's your first time! I just did this to show how easy it is to modify these vehicles to work well in MP - i.e. be more controllable :) This also shows just how easy it is to add new stuff to JA :D

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I'm going to say structural and detail brushes, if you know what they are then your 3 day compile was lighting, if you don't know what they are your 3 day compile was vis and something you could have fixed :p


And there is no real limit anymore, all depends on how the map is spliced using portals (vis).

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How about the unreliable, uncontrolable shaky screen bug on some ships. Id say one out of three ships actually work. Is not that they are difficult to control. Is just that there is a big bad bug making it almost impossible unless you try and try until you finally figure it out.


Im on the process of organizing the development of maps that are specially made for fliying spacecrafts and making custom npc spacecrafts.

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You're not the only one who's working on space maps, they're looking to be very popular, my team are hopefully going to get a Stargate siege map together and I did make a thread once about getting a team together to make siege_destroyer...seems no-one was interested then tho :rolleyes:


As of yet, not sure what causes the shakyness, I've found it happens less if you precompile an NPC_Vehicle into a map though...seems to be more console spawn orientated.

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Great to know. It makes sense, however the shaking screen has to be a bug. Maybe if you compile the npcs with the map the bug won't affect but its still there when you spawn npc vehicles randomly and I think ravensoft needs to fix it in their next patch.


siege_destroyer sounds promising. I hope we share the same basic concept of it and Im sure i will be the first one to download. We are also working on this sorts of maps and I alredy created my own spaceship vehicle with optimum settings and controls. I am making a spaceships pack for my clan with all our ships for implementation on ours or any other map.

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None of the single player missions allow you to fly the vehicles mentioned above. This is a discussion of how to "hack" the game and make them accessible. If you don't know how to use the console for the game, then I suggest you either learn about it from the vast amounts of info on this forum and others. (HINT: shift + tilde )

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Forget about single player. Single player was good, vehicles where used (at least the tauntaun, atst, moving gun, swoop bike) however we are triying to focus on MP here. This aint about hacking the game but making it better. Creating maps that support all of this special features that the game has and with absolutely no documentation available. I am working on the development of maps that include this and custom starship npcs.

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I have an idea for a new siege map. Here it goes...


It's Rebel vs. Imperial forces. First off, the classes are:




Assault- Stormtrooper (same as default)

*Gunner- (only one who can use ship's turbolasers)

Pilot- (only one who can fly TIE Fighters)

Navy Trooper- (kind of like a cross between Assault, Heavy Weapons, and Demolitions)

Officer- (distributes ammo, shield, health, and other perks)




Assault- (same as default)

Pilot- (only one who can fly X-Wings and Troop Transports)

*Officer- (distributes ammo, shield, health, and other perks)

Jedi- (same as default)


*Will be needing a new model/skin


The map:


It would be in space, and there would be a main rebel ship, and an Imperial Star Destroyer. The Star Destroyer would have turbolasers on it for defense that only Gunners could operate. Both ships would have fighers that only Pilots can fly (TIE Fighters, X-Wings, and Republic Troop Transports). There would be a large battlezone of space for the TIEs and X-Wings to dogfight in.


The story:


The Imperials have stolen some vital information stored inside an R5 unit's head and are holding it onboard the Star Destroyer Tarkin (named after Grand Moff Tarkin). The rebels have to use their fighters to disable the shields on the Star Destroyer, and then use their Troop Transports to fly their troops over to the Star Destroyer and have them search for the R5 head. The Imperial Stormtroopers, Gunners, Navy Troopers, and Officers will be there to fight the rebels who invade their ship. Once the rebels have aquired the R5 part, they must leave the Star Destroyer and get back to their rebel ship.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This siege idea was inspired by the level where you are onboard an Imperial ship, when you are trying to disable the Raven Claw's tractor beam while Kyle sets the self distruct.

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Originally posted by Emon

I'm going to have snowspeeders in my Battle of Hoth map. :D

That'll be cool... Make sure you include AT-AT's! :atat: If it's possible to add new types of vehicles... :(


Then there could be a AT-AT Driver class you could be. Yes, there is an AT-AT Driver model being made.

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Originally posted by HiryuSwift

Yeah, whatever the grid size on GtkRadiant, or whatever Radiant you're using is. It takes a while to compile large maps though, it took me 3 days straight to compile a map that took up a quarter of the available space in JK2Radiant's grid.



Man, what was your FPS? Not even kejim_base (1st level in jk2) was that big! And kejim_base was a big map! Why make a map that big? Do you know detail brushes can cut your compile time in half, but you need to be careful with them... also were u using Q3compiler, or the sof2 compiler? Q3 is much faster ;)

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