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fellow fate of atlantis lovers!!!!


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Dear Fate of atlantis lovers,


Alright, i'm guybrushguy and i'm here to give all u FOA lovers a place to write!!!!!!


plus, i really am eager to discover any tidbits of info u may have about Fate Of Atlantis II!!!!!!!


p.s.ROCK ON FOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s.s.Don't question the whole "guybrushguy" username ok!!!

p.s.s.s.i'l try 2 respond to all of you're stuff!!![as well as the lucas arts people]

p.s.s.s.s.LUCASARTS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i got an amiga emulator and started to play all my lucas adventures for amiga again. next to play.. indy3 :D


thinking about that i recognized i never made it through the zeppelin. i always used the plane which is on the airport (a plane guide is found in the library). i tried it a couple of times through the zeppelin but i always failed to fight the soldiers.


hmm .. does anyone know which game was released earlier Monkey Island 2 or Indiana Jones 4? i'd like to play the game in the order they were released..

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