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I see you got the file. It's a simple mod (1.2 kb) that re-enables the other ten classes on Destroyer2 (just like the original Destroyer).


It's pointless for combat, but I like it because you get a little more variety in death screams/taunts and (if you're really bored) you can duel in the Imp hanger.


If you want it, just connect to my server and you should grab it.

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Originally posted by Kurgan

Well, it's that time again folks... NEW IP TIME!



No wonder so few people were in my server last night (and the fact that it was St. Patrick's Day!). ; )


Good to hear that the server is up online again :)


I wasnt around for the past 2 days, i had a St. John uniform group camp.

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Sorry, but due to Jediservers.com closing, the server will go down (and the IP in my sig will no longer be valid) by June 16th.


Again apologies, it was a ton of fun hosting and I am glad for all the fun games and stuff we had over the past few months.


If I can find a good host to replace this one after June 21st when I get back from the wedding I'll see what I can do.


Maybe I can setup a paypall account or something.. ; )


I can always run the DSL server again, but you guys know how slow and flakey that one was...

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Ok Crow, you're the only person to report this, that your controls stop working properly on Siege Hoth.


I have no idea what could cause that or how to fix it. Sorry. Try the technical forum I guess.


I don't have any such problem when joining my own server (and it's not hosted from my pc so my experience should be the same as the average player joining).

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Well, an update (finally) I have scrapped together some cash that could be set aside to use for a server.


I have been debating setting up a paypal account for donations for a server, but it would have to have a disclaimer (I don't want people to think that by donating they can dictate how the server is run... the money would be used as I saw fit to keep the server going, thus it would truly be a "donation" and not a bribe!).


Likewise, I'm also leary about using paypal after what I've read from some disgruntled customers (there's a class action suite pending from some customers who didn't like their security for example). Also I don't have a credit card (don't use them).


A free server would sure by nice, but that means I have to generate a lot of hits for my strategy page, and that means I have to update it a lot, and lately with my job I just haven't had the kind of time that demands for regular updates. So, the pay model is probably going to have to be used.


I haven't been running the DSL server due to needing the bandwidth for other things. Anyway, next weekend I'll probably be shopping around for a good server to run Siege again 24/7.


And RazorAce, if you're reading this, please, please, PLEASE release a linux server compatible OJP basic (withOUT the enhanced saber stuff)! I really need those auto-balanced teams and Siege exploit fixes (those are the top two complaints I got when my server was running before, and since I can't be there 24/7 to monitor those things I MUST have an automated way to handle them!).

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Well, there's suppose to be a dude working on it but I haven't heard from him in a while. And my other man is down for the count with a fried harddrive.


As for me, I don't even HAVE Linux. I might be able to compile it on the school computers in a few weeks but for now I'm on vacation.


I'm sorry I can't get it out faster.

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Okay man, you do what you can.


I did my part, I plugged you on the main JK.net page in the news, and I've been posting encouragement on the forums.


I hope somebody can help! Even if they just port the existing Basic code you've got to linux and then disappear forever (well hopefully that doesn't happen) at least then we'd have something workable that every server host could benefit from!


You can download Linux for free (if you have the patience, it's like 2 cd's worth for RedHat off the 'net) legally, and if you're using Win98SE for example you can have multi-boot so use several operating systems and select the one you want at startup (to have say, XP or 2k, 98SE and Redhat Linux). Anyway...


Have a great vacation!

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Wow, hard to believe it's been 6 whole months since my server was last up... but guess what?


Razorace's OJP Basic is apparently fixed and can be used again for hosting!



So this means I can bring back the server, once I pick a host that doesn't require a credit card (I'm kinda broke at the moment, but I should save up some money before too long for funding).


Could Meatgrinder be returning soon? I think I can confidently say the answer is yes. How soon? We'll see... ; )

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It's back! Well, sorta.


It's not on a rented server (yet) so it won't be as fast or as big as you remember.


BUT, at least you'll have the opportunity to break some heads, Meatgrinder style. ; )


After 8 months, it's better than nothing right?


I mainly held off because I wanted to wait until OJP was stable enough to use as a public server replacement, and so far it's nearly there. Thanks to RazorAce for the beta I'm using!


So hopefully in a brief time (a few months at most??) I should scrape together some cash for a real rental server again, just like old times...


PS: If the server isn't working, query me for the IP. It's a pain to update when the IP keeps changing, but that's how it goes.


PPS: See my first post ALWAYS for the latest info. The server IP incidentally of this moment is:

Edit:See Signature for latest IP

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Originally posted by Kurgan

Well, I'll let you in on a little secret...



OJP now has the ability to give fake pings for bots!



So you never know who you might be facing! ; )


LOL! That reminds me of last time when my friend pretended to play as a kyle bot in JKII and my other friend got angry with him lol :D

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