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recon codes


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Originally posted by Straider



does anyone know where you can find all the recon codes ?

example kick / ip bann etc. oh and if no1 don't.

what is the code for team ffa maps ? rcon map mp/...




For Team FFA:


/rcon set g_gametype 6

/rcon map whatevermapyouwant

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Team FFA is a gametype that can be played on any map that supports it. In JK2 I had (and still have) Team FFA games on FFA maps, CTF maps, and even dueling maps (duel_temple). You should be able to use any FFA map or CTF map for TFFA. So just use


/rcon set g_gametype 6

/rcon map mp/ffa5


/rcon map mp/ctf1


It will start a TFFA game on that map.

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