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Yoda In Multiplayer?


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I think the one thing that's going to present some problems with mixing mods is the sabers.sab file. There will be alot of mods out there that will have an edited sabers.sab file in it and everytime you add a new mod with a saber.sab it will overwrite the old one. Well not overwrite exactly but the game will use the last saber.sab you put into it. So if you use a yoda.mod that has his saber scaled down via the saber.sab then you put a hilt mod into your base folder that also has a saber.sab yoda's saber will no longer be scaled down as the game will use the latest saber.sab you've entered.


Best thing to do (I think) is just to have your own seperate sabers.sab that you always 'update' whenever you grab new mods with a saber.sab in it. That way mods wont conflict with other mods as much.

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