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whos ur fave character and why?


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I recall seeing an already existing thread about this subject, but who cares?


Domino, of course. I always fall in love with villains, even if they are truly mean. Byt as an obsessed fangirl I must say that I don't believe Domino was that bad. I've even made up a theory that proves that he wasn't evil (really!), but I haven't written it down yet, so I won't put here. At least not yet.

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I can't say who my favorite is, 'cause I love each one...


Manny: He's Manny...

Meche: She's the woman in that game, and I think she would look nice with skin.

Glottis: He's my little teddy bear! :p

Lupe: The voice

Lola: Just the scene where she die. I nearly cried first time...

Domino: He's the bad boy...

Olivia: I love bad women...


Und so weiter...

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Originally posted by GendoTheGreat

That would be Terri Ivens, and she looks as good as she sounds.


Hey thanks :) I could never find a picture and now I know why - They spelled it "Teri" on IMDB! :o

She's pretty indeed, but I've grown so used to that image of the hat with feather... it's just not the same thing :D

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Originally posted by SSLamancha

with a vast array of characters in the game, i was wondering whose evrybodys fave one is.


mine is the big ginger demon, Glottis. cos he is hilarious.


I agree. I enjoy his brand of sass.

Sometimes just looking at him makes me laugh (especially when he's scared)

Is Glottis a german name? I speak some German, but I never found out. ( Glottis, Er est sehr lustig, lout, und freundlich.)

My second favourite is Salvador, then Manny.

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