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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max


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Max Payne also, to me, was a reminder of why I like 1st person for guns and 3rd person for melee(sword & ... umm, lightsaber) and hand-to-hand (like Oni).


Fortunately that is not all that the game is about, or it would have been lousy instead of very good.



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Originally posted by XERXES

I always wondered how well max payne would have done without bullet time. It seemed to me that was all that it had going for it. I did play the first one for a little bit.


I'd have to guess it would do about as good as any game would if you took one of the more kickass features out of it. Take the lightsabers out of the Jedi Knight/ Academy series. I bet they'd do great. :rolleyes: Or maybe take the ability to steal cars out of the GTA games. Seems like that's all they have going for them. Actually, the bullet time was and is a cool feature, but the story in both games is what kept me up late playing until I beat them.

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