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AOTC:TC Update !


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I tried that link Andy, this appears in the top right of the screen just above Expired Domain:


This domain is registered at DotRegistrar.com by a customer and parked temporarily until the owner establishes a permanent site. To contact the owner of the domain "aotctc.com", please email . If you have any questions regarding our domain parking feature, please e-mail parking@dotregistrar.com.

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Believe it or not I had the same problem so all I did was reset my modem and router so internet connection was reset and then I flushed cookies Temp internet files and presto it worked!


Also as soon as anakin gives me the new FTP user name and password I can upload the following files:


Clone Troopers Pack

Mandalorians Pack

Eeth Koth

Saesee Tinn

and anakin will have to upload coruscant.

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