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how 2 mod chars for sp/mp sp!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi wanted to help abit with people looking to

1 mod the game

2mod characters/skins

3 effects for thoses charaters

4 how to make your mp char work in sp




ok #1+2


generally just get something like winzip or winrar

and open up files in the game/base folder like assests1.pk3

almost everything is in these you need on top of that

even though they only made mod tools (so far) for JO just d/l them and read and learn them because they will give you insight


2 the easyest way to "make your own" char w/out knowing how to use 3dmax or something is to open assets1.pk3 go players models pick a char you like and open up the pics that make up that char then draw on what you want for instance

a reborn can become sub zero if you simply change these "pics" that "wrap" to form a reborn its that easy then youll learn advanced stuff



effects #3


umm good luck basically I used one that goes something like this

I use (see above ) a reborn that looks like subzero

ocassionaly his body (but not his face) glows/pulsates/emulates something like that.. heres how it works

I borrowed the code from the char dash_rendar (youll have to down loadthis ) try jediknightii.net


the code reads something like thiss


map models/players/dash_rendar/torso


map maodels/players/dash_rendar/torso.jpg





this means (i think) render to the torso torso.jpg as found in the pk3 file under that path


then the next bit says


map models/players/dash_rendar/dash_reflect.jpg

blenfunc blend


this is an effect that gives his torso (which as metal armor)

a shiny effect (its cool!!!!!) blend means that it is transparent


the last line


map models/players/dash_rendar/torso


map maodels/players/dash_rendar/torso.jpg


blendfunc add



add the torso pic under the above effect


then you can have it rotate around his body and pulsate to do this under the middle line that adds the effect add:


map maodels/players/dash_rendar/dash_reflect.jpg

blenfunc blend

(the original code)

add the line from dash's code


something about rgbwave 1 0 0 1

this means pulsate based on these nubmers (time)


to get it to scroll


open assets1.pk3

open the file effects.shader

search for lightning

see where it says tckscroll and tckscale

grab thoses lines of code

thats how it scroollls!

you can change the rates/scales by changing the #'s



save your file *char name*.shader

make sure to change the "path" the code follows to reflect

the appropriate folders etc.... or it wont work cause it cant find stuff and youll geet a F***** char


4 mp 2 sp char


k this is complicated sorta to understand it heres some help

then i will explain



k i use subzero based of the reborn model


(for the human male but you can do this for any of the categories)


create a pk3 in your base folder labeled *whatever*.pk3

open it

create a folder models

the players

create a folder jedi_hm (jedi human male)

import all files assocated with the char into this folder

k step one (you can also put in botfiles etc in the right spots go read how to's somewhere)


now if a load the game at this point it will do one of the following (dont know why)


1 your chars body wiill be there but skins not right etc...


2 it will load the "default" reborn for assets1.pk3

this is beacuse the subzero model is baased of it and parts of the code point to that folder



next step


open asssets1.pk3

delete the reborn data not the folder but the data in it

copy your chars stuff in your models/players stuff (only the model/players folder!!!!!!)

now load the game it should have a modified char showing

when you go to human male


(not changing your color/face/pants/torso will not work this is beacuse you have to code things diff for that to work)




hurray! no i can play as subzero in single instead of putting together a char



I hope all this helps i probably forgot something or that so plz people that know this stuff help anyone new plz! u can try to write me but i think this is a one time thing (cant pay internet $$$$)

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