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Jedi academy patch 1.01 (Official Update Thread)


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Originally posted by ShogunBlade

singel saber on staff is now blue stance and the dual sabers are now yellow.. single to blue


Unless you have different force points in saber attack. I only tried one an all not 2 force points. But I think your mistaken.


Originally posted by ShogunBlade

but the yellow dfa is now yawable (if thats a word) in mid air like it used to be in jo


This only seems to spin at the tail end of the move, and far as I can tell it doesnt help much.


Will get around to testing this more I hope. But my initial thoughts are good. Butterfly no longer seems to kill scores of ppl at random. Staff random damage doesnt seem so sevear, or doubles for that matter (i admit i havent checked this with some good staff users). Single feels pretty much the same except for blocking seems to have been improved alot, and heavy stances seems a little more jk2'ish. Aside from the stupid change of this backroll crap I dont really have any problems with it as of yet.


Look fwd to hearing what everyone else has to say about it.

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I think Raven have done an excellent job with the new patch. MP saber combat seems more fluid and movie like. My only slight disappointment is that saberlocks against bots are still very difficult to win. I was hoping that Raven would make saberlocks against bots a little more balanced. My poor mousebutton can`t take much more ;)


Gr8 patch Raven :D

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- The pickupable saber cvar now works in SP.


- The SP bug involving walking backwards isn't fixed.


From looking at the changed files:


- It looks like they fixed the bomb bug on t1_fatal.


- They did something to the ctf maps.


- They didn't pack things correctly. There's two seperate copies of the MP .dlls in the patch. Oh well. :)


- Did some minor changes to the MP setup menus


- Took out the compressed textures option of Video 1 in the MP setup menu? There was a compressed texture option?!

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OK - Ive downloaded it.....installed it


As Crow mentioned above


i cant get cheats on in SP anymore

ie devmapall not working anymore


AAARRRGGGHH !!! **runs around room screaming**


no cheats = no fun


I hope someonbe can tell me how to get them back up !



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I have totally re-installed JK3 JA coz.. I couldnt connect to a lot of servers I play on.


This patch may be for the game but not for the hosted servers.


I'm not gonna install it untill they bring out the patch for the hosts too. say a clientpatch.


It sucks.. to be honest coz I had to re-install radiant aswell..


I'll wait till they got better support for host and clients.

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ok here goes:


when you use a staff and you change to a single blade you are not in yellow stance anymore... i assure you that is what happens the lil guage says blue


conversely if you use dual sabers with both sabers in hand your stance has been changed to yellow


i think you people need to look again

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I haven't tried MP yet, but it looks like he's right: I just played a little SP and the single-bladed staff uses blue stance, you can even use the uppercut move with it.


By the way, how do you use the g_pickupabledroppedsabers cvar? I set it to 1 and tried pressing Use to pick up sabers, but no luck. They just vanish as usual.

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I haven't noticed any performance difference with this new patch.


I have the following:


ASUS A7V8X (1012 Bios)

AMD AthlonXP 2600+ (333Mhz)

512MB DDR PC2700 (333Mhz)

ATI Radeon 9600Pro 128MB 8x (Using 3.9 Catalyst)


I have the settings all the way to the max running @ 1024x768, i never used FSAA or Aniso settings.


Well, it seems that putting it in the readme that it is fixed with the latest ATI drivers is wrong, its a bad thing, it is like false advirtizing or something like that.

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