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WIP: Hilt Pack


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To answer all these questions--I'm pretty much done making movie hilts, and I'll add a few more of my own custom designs before I release the pack.


http://www.thelightsaber.com is a great source for saber hilt pics, and histories, but I don't plan on making any of those that weren't featured by the main Jedi. I may or may not make a Luke Ep V hilt and a Vader Ep VI hilt. If I can get a good picture of Sidious' lightsaber, I'll probably add that one as well.


If you have a custom design you'd like me to model / skin for you, I just don't have the time to fit them in my already long "to do" list; however, if you're desperate, I do need extra cash for Christmas--pm me and we can work something out.

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Please can you release these hilts soon!?


I'm working on a new revamped version of a Darth Maul model that will be weighted better, have more voice taunts, and have a moving mouth and eyes--a Darth Maul that will look more like the movie after I finish up abit more on the head like skinning it better and so on I will show some pic's--I plan on having his clothes look more cloth like (as the movie) wth robed versions as well


I'm now in with 3DS MAX

Aaron Smith has been a GREAT HELP!!

NEOMARS1 please email me if your around,maybe you can help me by showing me your gift of skinning


I know a reworked Darth Maul will greatly be admired by the JA community


so if possible you can even just release your Maul hilt I would greatly appreciate it


RJW_ca "OUT"



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