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Leela Model (JK2/JA universal woman project)...


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Well, I've been recently been reciving alot of questions about this model, and how it's coming along.


Well, so far, it's...

...almost done. I've just been working on a few extra additions, and tweaks that have been giving me trouble.

But's it's coming along, as I'm juggling this, my band, and a 40-hour-a-week job.


Here's a few screenshots fresh from 3D Studio Max, showing off some of the different hair meshes...

I still have some additional skinning to do.




(this one took me awhile, I think it looks sexier, but it still didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to.)





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That looks fantastic. There is a great need for good custom female models.


I like the first and last pictures the most, I hope you decide to release her with her hair down.


I do think the coloring of the face and the rest of the skin seems a bit unmatched as imyourfather mentioned.


Great job, really looking forward to this one.

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Like I said:

Originally posted by Antizac

...I still have some additional skinning to do.


But since I'm such a horrible skinner, I may just have Plasma or JP-30 do some of the touching-up...


...either way, it's almost done. I have it in-game now, and once I have the above mentioned problems fixed - and, if Windows 2000 stops giving me trouble, I can have this out before Christmas...

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Originally posted by CaladienJedi

Is that mara jade's head?


Nope, it's a re-shape of Tavion's face, on Jan's head.


the only thing this model uses from the Mara Jade model, is the jacket, which isn't shown (I may just as well make my own, if I have the time.), and I already asked for permission on that, anyway.


I'm still having trouble with Windows 2000, but I have Windows 98, working fine, if anything serious happens...

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Are most things going to be toggle-able surfaces? Obviously the hairstyles are, what about jacket/belt/accessories?


Also, what is wrong with your Win2k? I've found that's the most stable Microshaft Winblows out there - no blue screens of death like good ol' 98, and not all the worthless fluff of eXPerimental. :p


Anyway, definitely looking forward to this model. Is there gonna be a generic male model as well? The more customizable generic models the better for modders. :)

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They are all the same model. So there's no conflict there.


It has selectable surfaces - Hair style A can go with the skirt, or dress, and Skin C. Hair style D can go with the cloak, and the applied Skin B. Whatever the skinner desires.


It'll be one model with seemingly endless combinations...

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