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Originally posted by wedge2211


And hey...I like feedback. So post me some comments, dammit! <pokes the community> [/b]


at the risk of being flamed and reading shouts of "you're jealous, you can't do better!"(very true) i will attempt a critique...


First off let me say i really enjoyed this map as well as your other maps wedge, and your posts on this forum have helped me greatly. the comments I'm going to make may seem nitpicky to some, but thats kind a the point since it is a very good map and it was hard to find anything i didnt like. And i realize the this is a final release and your obviously not going to change any of this.


1. the first thing i noticed was the gaps near the base of the columns. the fog in the level really highlights the gap which is why i note it. the column under the domed building do not have this feature.


2. r_showtris showed most of the level being drawn at once most of the time, which produced a framerate of 20-40 on my machine. since you don't have any doors in the level i see why. did you try any hint brushes? any tweaks with the foghulling that can be done?


2a. adding 2 bots brought my fps down to 8 fps. but they appeared to be routed properly. this may be a problem with my computer. my map has crappy bot support , and does the same thing.


3.the plants (especially the large tree) seem to disappear when viewing from below. is this a symptom of the fog?


4. in the part of the level where there's a statue of the man with the spinning ball...if you are standing facing the statue, the second column to left is missing some patches on the top and bottom.


5. getting up on the retaining wall and then on to the roof of the buildings, (you know people are going to do that) you can see through the level into the corridors.


6. some angled clip brushes on those protruding columns in the corridors may not have been a bad idea.



--------opinion below---------


7. the blue marble texture on the outside of the domed roof seems out of place. it looks to light. the texture on the underside of the dome is much nicer


8. the yellow tile which was used as the ceiling and floor in some of the corridors should be shifted to more red/gold tone to match the level. i love the texture with the little people on them...matching that tone would have worked better


9. where the two levels of the roof meet at a corner, place another brush at the transition. i think they call that the "valley"


10. I just really hate the bespin water texture. i don't know why, but if you look at it it looks embossed...not realistic at all.



okay thats enough of that. please don't flame me. if you must, go download my beta map and do the same back to me... i would really hate that. (wink) but please be sure to read the readme.txt, as I have already pointed out some of its major flaws.

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