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Padme in Superman V


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Natalie Portman Being Considered for Role in Superman

Thu, Nov 20, 03 11:58:40 AM EST



Superman-V reports that Natalie Portman is being lined up to play Lois Lane in the latest Superman movie. Here's an excerpt:

Portman has just finished shooting Episode III in Sydney and could find herself back there as soon as next year should the WB greenlight McG's movie. Would this be a good move for her though? Would she really want to do another high-profile blockbuster role on the back of Star Wars?

We asked her agent about this. Have WB been in talks with her about the part? They didn't deny it: "Nothing's conclusive"... What the heck does that mean!? Has she been in talks and nothing is signed and sealed!? Or are they refusing to deny it since they don't want to totally rule out the possibility of her going up for the role?


Hit the link above to read more. Thanks to everyone who sent in alerts.


Well another bad movie for Natalie portman. Poor Natalie can't see land a good movie.

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Superman is awesome, and the only superman movie that wasn't so hot was Superman III. The others were good.


Superman V sounds nice, But I am scared that the only actor that could play a decent Clark Kent is Tom Welling, and he is too young.


Unless they made a Smallville movie....hmm....

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haha, a superman movie with brenden fasier, natalie portman (who looks about 14) and an idiot called McG who can't get a real name.


I thought the whole point of this movie was to resurect the Superman franchise after the stupid mistakes of 3 and 4 by making it something you can take seriously again.... funny way of going about doing that if you ask me....


It's going to come off as some sort of charlies angels meets the mummy CGi/comedy fest. sigh.

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If these actors who were posted plays these parts, I will personally shoot the acting selector for this movie.


Lock your doors, whoever you are!


Brendan frasier is a terrible actor who sucks in all of his movies.


Natalie Portman is a haflway decent actress, but no Lois Lane.


Justin Timberlake is well...dumb.



Here's what they need to do:


Dean Cain/Tom Welling as Superman.


I guess Natalie would be Lois, but Terri Hatcher played a perfect Lois imo.


As for Olson, I think they need to bring back Justin Whalin.


In case any of you don't know who these people are, I'll post a pic.


Dean Cain:



Tom Welling:



Terri Hatcher:



Justin Whalin(looks dumb in this pic):


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i did think teri hatcher was great as lois lane, but then i thought margot kidder was better. I don't think they will use anyone from the TV series in the movie though.


The most worrying thing isn't the casting though, it is the director. I could buy brendan fraser as superman if he was directed in a darker, more gritty film. But with McG as director there is no chance of that. It will end up being mainly an action comedy, which would be awful.


I actually think that if they do a superman movie they should go with someone totally left field as superman, rather than go for the physique. After all, he has to look normal as Clark Kent (unlike dean Cain) and doesn't need to have big muscles as his strength is otherworldly anyway. They should cast a good Clark, then use sfx to make him a good superman, rather than cast a good superman.


but then, i thought michael keaton was by far the best batman...

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Originally posted by STTCT

Well if "Padme" formerly known as Natalie Portman - is indeed Lane - then I would think that they would have someone play Superman that did NOT look like he could be her dad aka Brendan Fraiser.


Good point and again Brendan doesn't even look like a Superman. He was cool in the mummy but all of his other movies suck!

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from the info i gathered about this alon 2-3 years back. this movie should've been out by now but every director they've gotten has backed out.


originally the actor who was actually casted to portray Superman was Nick Cage (think god that fell through)


after the new batman movie news as it being kinda of a prequel broke out the Superman movie production went the same route.


So it could be a very good possibility of Tom Welling as our beloved hero. Dean Cain was also a convincing Clark Kent and Superman.


Sadly though they want him to Play Goku in the live action DBZ movie ( HAHAHAHA)


and Yes Michael Keaton was THE best Batman. Cuz he didn't look like batman he looked the part of bruce wayne. Batman doesn't really rely on his strength he relies on his skills, brains, and some nifty gadgets that would make James Bond blush


but i really hope that the prequel rumors is true.

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