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Sorry....but..need to....rant


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Originally posted by theguyincorner

EDIT: Ohh by the way just wanted to say I used to know sk.swe in counter strike he would come into the server I always played on and get kicked for "cheating" (yes there are abusive, stupid admins in CS too).


SK.swe is a clan


shroet kommando - sweden

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Originally posted by eniaC



Don't blame yourself for the stupidity of somepeople, we all know it was in good fun until the cavemen strolled in......




Stupidity is the key word eniaC. Some of the things said by others above are just plain sad....


I think this thread has done its dash....



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Originally posted by Master William

Kaia, I don't know who the heck that girl is, so you better explain yourself.


If you're referring to this:


it's Stevie Case - otherwise known as "Killcreek" - and if you had bothered to go to either of the sites Amidala referenced for you Master William, you'd know that already.


BTW, goading people to respond and then following up with your own opinion on the subject is not an effective method to ending a discussion.

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LOL! What has happened to this thread??! :eek:


About this whole "slave" thing -> only little teenage boys could possibly do something that stupid.

No need to worry about that, 'cause if they're not being the "slave" of some old hairy guy using the Jan Ors skin, then they'll be doing something else that's equally retarded.


And if someone didn't understand that the previous proposals etc. were just JOKES then I really have to go >> :disaprove


(psst, amidala, did you get the flowers I sent? :) )

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She's no Killcreek (and I'm no Hugh Grant), but you can't call Kornelia unattractive OR unskilled. She's been owning me since QW...




By the way, the whole honor thing has been much less of a problem since I started playing on th CHop SHop!


Heya Red-5, gg's!


Brit N'y

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