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Star Wars: Galaxies - Reelo Baruk


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I found Jabba's palace in Star Wars Galaxies, but I couldn't get in...


When i try to enter the main room, it sayd "Get Ree-Yees permission to enter"


So I go to Ree-Yees, who tells me that he's tired of talking to everyone, and he says: "Talk to Reelo over there"


"Reelo? I think, I recognize that name!"


So I go over to "Reelo", and his name is Reelo Baruk...


I think WHAT THE HECK? Reelo is skinny, working for Jabba, and cocky! Like if this was before he went to Nar Shaddaa and all :)




So, just to prove it, i took this pic:




And the current Reelo:



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Originally posted by Ackehallgren

Reelo Baruk is a thug in Star Wars: JK2: Jedi Outcast, the fourth game where you play as Kyle Katarn...

I knew that, but I thought reelo baruk might be like mara jade or something, a famous EU(expanded universe) character, who appears like everywhere.

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