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Originally posted by CptDogMeaT

Dude, read all these posts if you havent. Read every damn one.

I don't understand why I should have spend an hour reading through a bunch of stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with what I am talking about just to get to the 1 thing that I am talking about.
Originally posted by CptDogMeaT

On occasion you get Lamers that are:- Abusive, Offensive, Racist, Deliberately try to upset people, flame or generally try to be assholes.

Okay, so you...


#1 Warn them: Some of the coders are developing a command like the say command that puts large text in the center of this players screen so they don't miss what the admin is warning them about.


If they continue to violate your rules or whatever the case may be you...


#2 Boot them: Once they get booted, they have the opportunity to join up once again but at least get the picture that you're not messing around with them.


Maybe even having a "we strictly enforce the Warn, Boot, Ban rule here" message in the MotD so they get the picture even better.


If they continue to violate your rules or whatever the case may be you...


#3 Ban them: There are 2 types of connections, static & dynamic. If they have a static IP they are stuck with 1 IP only & if it's a dynamic IP, there are only 256 different IPs that person can use. Chosen One has a command that bans out a certain IP range specifically for dynamic IP users.


Following the Warn, Boot, Ban rule will ALWAYS solve your problem without abusing admin functions - ALWAYS.


Anything other than this is admin abuse & makes the admin certainly no better than the "lamer" client user the admin is using the abusive commands against. Furthermore, you've haven't said anything to prove to me (or anyone else for that matter, imparticularly the other coders of the community) that these commands provide anything useful to the community. It just simply destroys it.

Originally posted by CptDogMeaT

Do you honestly think that if one of these lamers who goes around trying to upset people will really enjoy being slept and left in a corner where they cant do anything.

Doesn't matter, it's admin abuse. Using these commands against these users make you no better then the "lamer" user you are using them against.


The point here is these commands are TOTALLY unneccesarry. For the most part, they are used to get juvenile jollies like a bully on a playground. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why the WBB (Warn, Boot, Ban) rule would not work on anyone violating server rules. No reason at all.

Originally posted by CptDogMeaT

I regularly enjoy sleeping racists, silencing them and inserting them into a wall.

This is what I'm talking about. 2 wrongs do not make a right. Using those commands just are not necessary & breed admin abuse.
Originally posted by CptDogMeaT

THEN they might reconsider being assholes on other servers

WRONG - they just might reconsider playing JK altogether, thus the "destroying our community" part comes into play.


With the WBB rule, you don't get that ANYWHERE nearly as much. Those commands destroy our community.

Originally posted by CptDogMeaT

And I think an Admin guild would be very, very cool. It would be a fair bit of work, but I think it could be successful, perhaps a think is in order...

The only way to realistically make that work is if you give each copy that was distributed its own number & secondary rcon password that is unchangeable (each one being a different password of course). The purpose of the number is if a copy of the mod is released against the guilds wishes, you know where it got released from (or who actually). The purpose of the secondary rcon password that is unchangeable is you can publically post that password for those copies that have been distributed against the guilds will & whomever is running it will more than likely ditch the mod when the guild members constantly shut that persons server down.


All in all, it's all too much work for something that's not even necessarry in the first place. Bottom line here is, these commands destroy the community & provide absolutely nothing legitimately useful in return for it. I fail to see the point.


Lastly, I am once again going to bring in the other various coders in the community to put in their 2 cents on the matter. Mars (Vulcanus coder) said he was going to post but he's a busy guy & I guess he got sidetracked so I'll remind him again. Thanks to Chosen One & Razorace for posting.

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Yeah, why not lock this thread. Man, I feel older ... cause I posted here two years ago! I can't even remember this thread, although I do remember this mod.


This thread was posted back when we had a community. The proof is right here guys- They released this mod, and you know what? Two years go by, and the players are gone.

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Well, I think what happened was that things were ok until one abusive admin mod (JA+) got past the peer pressure.


Yeah, I think the DCMoD was sorta limited to a couple of servers, hence, the reason we don't hear of it anymore. However, JA+ somehow got on like... 300+ servers...

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