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creating new vehicle classes


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I am working on some new vehicles for JA, like the droideka, and came to the point where without code change i dont realy can finish it as i would like to. the problem is the vehicles in JA are grouped in classes like swoop, walker, fighter or animal. these groups are more importent for how the vehicle is like then the .veh file, which we can mod. creating new vehicle classes would make it possible to creat new vehicle models which are more acurate. for ex. to creat a ATAT usabe we need a vehicle class that can move a head independently from the body or sett up directly what triggers a spezified animation. just to make it clear, i have no idea about coding or any other stuff needed for that. so i am writing here a list of what i hope could be changed or set up in a new vehicle class. perhaps we should creat some different classes so there is some choise for us vehicle modelers to creat new vehicles. if you could help me, would be great


-more variety in movements, some classes have more different movements, but any vehicle can drive sideward or jump. for ex. it could be possible to creat an animal that can make a high jump.


-let bones follow the crosshair, the ATST guns does follow the crosshair in the vertical, a bone named >thoracic< in a walker class vehicle does it. if we could set up bones that follow in horizontal and vertical. or also let the vehicle turn when standing, what work in SP but not in MP.


-using left/right arrow to steer and mouse to aim, this is directly linked to the point above. instad steering the vehicle with the mouse it should work though the arrows. thise would make vehicles like ATAT or ATST much more accurat.


-finish an animation sequence befor a next one can be ativated, the vehicle class seams to set up which animations can be inerrupted and which cant. for ex. my droideka goes much to fast into rolling mode and back, i want to have the sanding up animation finished befor any thing else can be started.


-deactivat sertain actions in stances, for ex. the fighter class cant shoot while standing on gound, i would like to have a similar thing for other actions during some animation sequences. again my droideka, i want to have it set up so it cant shoot while in rolling mode.


-taking different amount of damage in different stances, for vehilces it should be possible to set up a very vulnerable mode, or have some kind of activated energy shield in some animation sequences. i am not talking about the visual part of it, i already created such a visual energy shield for my droideka, that is activ while standing and not when in rolling mode. i would like to have a mod that takes that into account on the damage points.


-more different driver posture, this is set up in the vehicle class altough the is a parameter in the veh files, but it has no effect. if we could set up that other posture are shown and what player model animation sequences are used. for ex. useing that console typing animation for a vehicle driver.


-vehicles with passangers and possibly show them as drivers, there is an option in the veh files to make it possible for vehicles to carry passangers, but its a vehilce class thing again. if we could make it usable and those passangers visible with spezified driver animations. gunner is perhaps the next step, but i suppose thats hard coded.



ok, thats my short list. i am not sure if i mentioned all, but these are the things i realy like to have on my vehicles. i have no idea if its possible at all, so let me know.

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thanks the force i got some help on coding the droideka. RenegadeOfPhunk and razorace are doing this and will include it in the Open Jedi Project. this will improve the variaty of the possible vehicles in a fantastic way. think of AT-AT, yes i am looking forward to that.


here is the link to this in the OJP Forum:


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