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Official Jedi Academy Bonus Map-Pack released!


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too bad about siege, but this sounds GREAT!


Jedi Academy Bonus maps from Raven Sofware



6 New Maps:


duel_bonus1 - Coruscant

ctf_bonus1 - Rift of Shadows

ffa_bonus1 - Gas Mine

ffa_bonus2 - The Fortress

ffa_bonus3 - Conquest of Byss

ffa_bonus4 - Ord Mantell Canyon


i'll get some screenies of them up tomorrow since it's kinda late now...

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Whoa! This is a big surprise! Early Christmas present?


Thanks Raven!



PS: Good to see that LucasFiles has posted this so fast!





The LF file is a zip, but you can rename it to EXE to install. Getting mine now, but I'll have to give it a run after finals! I may just have to insert these into my server's rotation!

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They should have made a Christmas Themed map. :D


Well, thanks Raven....though they should really make some more CTF maps... :(




A better idea would be to include them in 1.02, since many people don't tend to find out about this.


Who's to say there is going to be a 1.02 ?

I doubt there will be, there not going to make the same mistakes as they did with JK2.

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Well it is labelled as a "bonus pack" and though it's called "official" (by that I assume it was made by somebody at Raven), it also says it's 'provided as is' and 'not endorsed by Lucasarts.'



They probably figured instead of making us wait for the lengthy process of getting approval from LA and permission to release a new patch they just decided to let us have the maps.


I wonder how the bot routing is?


I've added them to the rotations on my server, and I'm going to check them out tonight!

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K I just tried them all out and I have to say that the Ord Mantell FFA map is amazing! It's completely massive (biggest official JA map I've seen - even more so than JK2's Nar Shadaa Streets!) and tons of room to explore and high places. Plus there are nifty little waterfalls. The other 3 FFA maps are decent but nothing spectacular if you ask me. The CTF map (basically a MP version of the "tomb" Demo) is insanely massive as well though sort of linear...And the Coruscant duel map is awesome looking and is ideal I guess for duelers!


Good job Raven! Thanks again!

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Lot of secrets on these maps... Rift of Shadows for example.. smash the cracked walls for secret areas (Force Boon + Merr Sonn).


Conquest of Byss has some breakable glass and you can turn off the Force Field (switch by the Disruptor up the elevator).



I also love how three of the maps have Concussion Rifles! ('bout time too, before only one map: Vjun Sentinel (ffa1) had it, unless you count the Merc Heavy Weapons on Siege_Desert).


Rift of Shadows CTF -----> Conc (finally in CTF)!

Gas Mines ------> Conc!

Conquest of Byss -------> Conc!


Lots of eye candy too. Thanks Raven!

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And another...





Btw, that link also has some level shots, if you want to see what they look like.




To find the Concussion Rifle on Gas Mine (ffa_bonus1) go to the tallest "Tower" on the map (on the top floor inside you'll find the Disruptor) then head DOWN the lifts until you get to the bottom.


Then exit and go around the walkway surrounding the "tower" (should be the lowest level surrounded by void) and you'll find the Concy, yay!


The Concussion Rifle on Rift of Shadows (ctf_bonus1) is by one of those large, unopenable doors on the inner sides of the huge "building" you're inside, but I forget which one.


The Concy on Conquest of Byss (ffa_bonus3) is behind some boxes, but I'd have to play the map again to find the exact spot.

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Originally posted by razorace

I was getting terrible fps on Canyons and some of the texture shaders were obviously not working. Anyone else have that problem?



If anybody will, it'll probably be me..... so I'm gonna check it out..... 10 min. left in the download tho

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Originally posted by Darth Kaan

Your assuming there will be a 1.02


Something strange\interesting happened on Chop Shop CTF-FFA about a week before the Bonus Map Pack was released. Someone named "Raven Software 1.01 Tester" came on the server and started asking players for their opinions on things. You can see that everyone was skeptical about the person being legitimate, but this person said some interesting things. I include a transcript below so you can judge for yourselves. There was a lot of asking for new maps, and lo and behold, less than a week later the Bonus Map pack was released. Hmmm, probably just a coincidence.

This person also mentions the 1.02 patch a few times. If you don't want to read the whole thing, scroll down to the last 4 lines:



Raven Software 1.01 Tester," hello everyone. i hope you won't mind me here, while i test how dismemberment enhancers work in online multiplayer!"

]eVe[The Pink Panther, serious

Windigo, yea mm hmm

SnipaDeath, lol

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, lol

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," believe what you want, i'm only here to test things, not to argue."

]eVe[The Pink Panther, can we make suggestions

]eVe[The Pink Panther, if you are real

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," i'm afraid not, i'm here to test."

]eVe[The Pink Panther, aah

]eVe[The Pink Panther, right

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, has anyone encountered troubles with online dismembering since the 1.01 patch was released?

SnipaDeath, no

]eVe[The Pink Panther, sometimes the body part isn't all there

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," good, good."

]eVe[The Pink Panther, like

Windigo, online dismemberment lol

]eVe[The Pink Panther, you just see a gap

SnipaDeath, lol

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, ok- anyone willing to be a 'test subject'?

SnipaDeath, ???

[YGejuoDIE]Uwaine, ?

Windigo, is there a differenve between online and offline?

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, does anyone wish do volunteer to try dismembering?

]eVe[The Pink Panther, we are dismembering now

SnipaDeath, lol-like u kill me???

Windigo, we have plenty of volunteers

[YGejuoDIE]Uwaine, ohh.... well i can..

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," ok, but i want to dismember others, to test how it works in certain conditions."

Windigo, i think youre psychotic

SnipaDeath, lol-if u can kill me-lol

]eVe[The Pink Panther, so jump around and try and kill something

SnipaDeath, there-it works-lol

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," this isn't going well at all, is it?"

SnipaDeath, c ur arm off?-lol

]eVe[The Pink Panther, dude try and hit something

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, lol

]eVe[The Pink Panther, what is better than a real time test

Emperor_Hunter {N}, how do you dismember?

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," ok, i'm not a 'dude' i'm a woman. thank you."


]eVe[The Pink Panther, you didn't identify that to me

Windigo, still a dude

]eVe[The Pink Panther, how am i supposed to know

Windigo, i call women dudes

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, gg

Windigo, lol

[YGejuoDIE]Uwaine, lol

CaTTaleya, lol windigo

Emperor_Hunter {N}, how do you dismember?

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, hit someone

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, lol

[YGejuoDIE]Uwaine, teams!?!?!?!?!?

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, i never knew jedi academy online play was so... uncivilised!

]eVe[The Pink Panther," yeah, because the tester isn't a real person"

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, lol

]eVe[The Pink Panther, woman

Emperor_Hunter {N}, so how do you dismember?

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, lol

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, lol

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, look at teams

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," ok, i won't argue with you, guys, but, if you want improvements in the jedi academy 1.02 patch, please co-operate!"

]eVe[The Pink Panther, what do you want

SnipaDeath, we will still win

]eVe[The Pink Panther, we want more maps

]eVe[The Pink Panther, the dismemberment is fine

Saskei, thanks

]eVe[The Pink Panther, we could be able to cut folks up in more little pieces

]eVe[The Pink Panther, that would be cool

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," as in, dislocate hands & feet?"

]eVe[The Pink Panther, yeah

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, i see....

]eVe[The Pink Panther, or cut the bodis in 3 parts

]eVe[The Pink Panther, bodies

]eVe[The Pink Panther, ie when you do a combo

]eVe[The Pink Panther, more body parts should come off

]eVe[The Pink Panther, it should corelate better to the combo

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," i see, so destroying body parts while still doing a combination attack?"

]eVe[The Pink Panther, if possiblew

]eVe[The Pink Panther, yeah

]eVe[The Pink Panther, possible

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, i think it can be....

Emperor_Hunter {N}, with the new patch you cant use cheats on single platya

[YGejuoDIE]Uwaine, cool!!

Emperor_Hunter {N}, and uwaine is a lamer

]eVe[The Pink Panther, i know that you have no control over this

]eVe[The Pink Panther, but please tell your superiors we want more maps

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," you can use cheat is the single player mode, though 'devmapall' has been disabled due to many glitches"

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, anything else you want to ee happen in 1the 1.02 patch?

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, multiple duels

SnipaDeath, brb

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, that is already possible

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, k

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," it requires a strong server, though."

]eVe[The Pink Panther," if possible, some new weapons"

FR33D0M, raven u patch questioning

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, i'm afraid new weapons are unavailable.

FR33D0M, i want kick for alla sabres

]eVe[The Pink Panther," oh well, just maps"

FR33D0M, yeah maps maps maps

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, any maps from jedi knight

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, ffa maps from jedi outcast

FR33D0M, more imaginative maps

]eVe[The Pink Panther," i tell you, i think you hit on a great idea with siege"

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, more siege maps

]eVe[The Pink Panther, just needs more content

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," please say, pink panther...."

SnipaDeath, seige sux my ass-btw

FR33D0M, tbh siege is boring

SnipaDeath, yes it is

]eVe[The Pink Panther, like more missions

FR33D0M, i prefer duel

[YGejuoDIE]Uwaine, siege is nice...

]eVe[The Pink Panther, akin to the movies

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, do you ever find seige to have a high server ping?

FR33D0M, yes

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, very

]eVe[The Pink Panther, not on a good server

FR33D0M, always

[YGejuoDIE]Uwaine, some new jedi powers?

FR33D0M, i was on a server i was 5 seconds behind

FR33D0M, force freeze

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," yes, that is being looked into for 1.02, de-clogging seige maps for smoother play."

]eVe[The Pink Panther, it still has some bugs

FR33D0M, where u immobilize people

]eVe[The Pink Panther, but it is a great concept

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," yes, i agree."

[YGejuoDIE]Uwaine, yeah forve freeze!

[YGejuoDIE]Uwaine, force*

FR33D0M, i would say siege needs to be mor eimaginative

]eVe[The Pink Panther, if we could get some siege maps from episode 4

]eVe[The Pink Panther, that would be cool

]eVe[The Pink Panther, or empire

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," ok, let us get this straight, no new weapons, force powers or vehicles will be included in any of the following jedi academy patches, sorry."

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, academy patches- sorry.

]eVe[The Pink Panther, there are plenty of battles in those movies you can

FR33D0M, yes more vehicles in ffa

]eVe[The Pink Panther, take from

[YGejuoDIE]Uwaine, force freeze could be nice...

]eVe[The Pink Panther, for siege

FR33D0M, yeah i got that from kotor

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, you want vehicles in ffa maps?

FR33D0M, yeah

]eVe[The Pink Panther, oo yeah

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, yes

FR33D0M, make it interesting

]eVe[The Pink Panther, that would be cool

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," sadly, this would cause a problem similar to seige- sorry!"

]eVe[The Pink Panther, if possible

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, sit

FR33D0M, what bout invinsibility when ure typing

Saskei, i would say more lightsaber combos

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, yeah

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, that would be good

FR33D0M, or godmode when ure typing

SnipaDeath, yes

]eVe[The Pink Panther, maybe you could limit the amount of vehicles

]eVe[The Pink Panther, allowed in a map

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, invinciblity can be performed by using cetain console commands in free-for-all

FR33D0M, oh

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, how?

FR33D0M, didnt know that

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, though you will remain staionary with these commands.

]eVe[The Pink Panther, tester

FR33D0M, oh well

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," yes, pink panther?"

FR33D0M, wait i got the best idea

]eVe[The Pink Panther, a siege map useing the battle on jabba barge from rotj

FR33D0M, nore sabre moves

Saskei, i just said that

Saskei, lol

]eVe[The Pink Panther, would make a very good map

FR33D0M, jabbas barge is a ffa map

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," i like your idea for seige, pink panther, but the ping would go through the roof!"

]eVe[The Pink Panther, true

FR33D0M, not so

FR33D0M, isoltae it to a few meteres around

FR33D0M, the barge

[YGejuoDIE]Uwaine, like flying mode or somthing!

FR33D0M, what about the ewok siege

]eVe[The Pink Panther, you could make it ctf

FR33D0M, yeah

]eVe[The Pink Panther, two seperate barges

]eVe[The Pink Panther, across the desert

FR33D0M, yeah

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," ok, think about the jabba siege for a moment- only the jedis could move around barges!"

FR33D0M, mopre custom things

]eVe[The Pink Panther, speeders

FR33D0M, yeah

FR33D0M, in ffa

]eVe[The Pink Panther, and lift to take you to the barges

[YGejuoDIE]Uwaine, hey flying mode would be possible?

]eVe[The Pink Panther, each team would have to secure the lift

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," i have aid before, raven is not considering any new vehicles for 1.02, or even 1.03"

SnipaDeath, sup yoda

]eVe[The Pink Panther, up to the lift

Davin Kabak, yo snipa

FR33D0M, k

]eVe[The Pink Panther, the barge has the flag

Frosty, lol

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, so far- the following has been considered- a better way of tracking online players.

FR33D0M, more sabre moves

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, improvements to siege maps.

FR33D0M, like steam

Saskei, more saber moves hehe

FR33D0M, yeah

{JR}-Cougar-{JM}*, yeah

FR33D0M, mor e spectacular

Davin Kabak, where's ice?

[YGejuoDIE]Uwaine, new sabre

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, raven is also considering finding a way to stop the 'spamming' of special saber moves.

]eVe[The Pink Panther, i think ctf and ffa would be easier

[YGejuoDIE]Uwaine, four bladed

FR33D0M, dont do that

Frosty, ouch

]eVe[The Pink Panther, ctf is so much fun in this game

|GG| Master Yoda," jedi wount never use force to attack, he use it only to defend!"

Raven Software 1.01 Tester," sadly, i must move onto another server now."

]eVe[The Pink Panther, thanks tester

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, my work is never done....

FR33D0M, k

FR33D0M, lol

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, i'll consider your thought and pass them onto my supervisor

FR33D0M, when can we expect this patch?

]eVe[The Pink Panther, please do

]eVe[The Pink Panther, maps

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, mid spring 2004.

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Amidala, I know you're just reporting what you heard, but...


Pardon me for being skeptical. After all, Chop Shop is a very popular server on these forums, so it would be an ideal "target" as a popular spot to pull off a joke. We'll probably never know who it was, or if they had any authority to speak for Raven.


While they did say they were "going to another server" it would seem odd to get suggestions just by joining a server and asking the people there.


Raven Software 1.01 Tester, invinciblity can be performed by using cetain console commands in free-for-all


Raven Software 1.01 Tester, though you will remain staionary with these commands.


Is "she" talking about cheats? If not, this would be a pretty big exploit if it were true! Godmode lets you move around freely, so it must be something else. But why would Raven leave an invincibility command in FFA (even after the 1.01 patch and all the exploits it removed)?!


Raven Software 1.01 Tester, raven is also considering finding a way to stop the 'spamming' of special saber moves.


Did this person forget that special moves already can't be spammed because they sap your mana pool? (Ie: 25 mana points for twirls, butterflies/cartwheels and rolls; 50 mana points for katas and the saber barrier)


The default Force Mana Regen time means that a person can only logically "spam" a kata 2 times or a twirl/butterfly/cartwheel/roll 4 times before they're completely out of mana. And it takes a little while to build up enough mana to do even ONE of those moves again. Not to mention in the case of rolls, they're much harder to spam in 1.01 because you have to jump first or be falling to do them more than once.


Raven Software 1.01 Tester," i have aid before, raven is not considering any new vehicles for 1.02, or even 1.03"


So they're already planning not just 1, but 2 patches?


I'm curious as to why it works this way. Why not simply release everything in one patch, since it's such a hassle for them to get even ONE patch through LucasArts's red tape department?


Could be poor choice of words by the tester, but they could simply have said "we have no plans to include new vehicles in any future patches at this time." Which is the kind of thing you'd expect a real game rep to say.


Though they do also say:


Raven Software 1.01 Tester," ok, let us get this straight, no new weapons, force powers or vehicles will be included in any of the following jedi academy patches, sorry."

Raven Software 1.01 Tester, academy patches- sorry.


So maybe that makes more sense. Of course we know now that Raven doesn't release ALL their freebies in patches. ; )


On the subject of "Multiple Duels":


Raven Software 1.01 Tester, that is already possible


Raven Software 1.01 Tester," it requires a strong server, though."


According to everything we've been told it is NOT already possible. That is why all the Admin Mods were making a big deal out of making multiple duels in FFA possible. "Requires a strong server?" all that is different from a normal Sabers Only FFA is that the players have glowing shaders applied to them. How much more bandwidth can that take up? I would think it would mostly be client side rendering that was being done, but I could be wrong.


How strong are the servers already running these multiple duel mods?


Maybe the tester meant that it was "already possible" if you modified the code, or that it was "already planned" for 1.02. But somehow I doubt that's what they meant...


I suppose they could have been a tester, though the only Raven software employee that has really seemed to be forthcoming with information to the public community (though in a very low key way) has been ChangKhan. The name "Raven 1.01 Tester" for somebody fielding suggestions for the 1.02 patch? Hmmm.


That's not to say it's not possible of course. According to him, they "each worked on a map after it [Jedi Academy] went gold."


Then again, I've had people join my server and claim to be ME, so could also be a prankster.


So who knows... ; )


Update (forgot these):


Raven Software 1.01 Tester, i'll consider your thought and pass them onto my supervisor


Raven Software 1.01 Tester, mid spring 2004.


Supervisor? Mid Spring 2004? So we're to assume the next patch will be out in 3-5 months?


That could be as much as 8 months after the release of the game. Sure, it's possible, and if true, it would be nice, but that's a LOOONG time in game terms. I would think by then they'd be focusing all of their time doing QuakeIV and whatever other projects they have going. Remember how JK2 support from them virtually ended and they switched gears to do Soldier of Fortune II? They're not that huge of a company, though I could be wrong.


The other thing is, they're always hestitant to give out release dates because they have to go through LucasArts to do just about anything it seems (especially a patch which would have to be hosted as a file on LucasArts's servers and officially sanctioned by them after testing). That a lowly tester would spout off release dates that far in advance seems odd (then again, they could be speaking from their own guesswork rather than as an official statement).


If there IS going to be another patch, it's probably safe to bet it will come out within the next 5 months, but still. I mean in rare cases patches have come out long long after a game is released, such as in the case of Outlaws or Diablo 2, but those are rare exceptions, done by big companies.


Finally, if they are already giving out release dates, you'd think that this would be a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT that they'd send to major gaming news sites, not just to a few people they randomly met on a public server.


Anyway, I'm just rambling... but you can see how I'd be skeptical of somebody saying things like that. If somebody from Raven confirms all that on here, then the point is moot of course.


Until then I'd consider them just rumors.

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Agreed, while talking with Rich Whitehouse (the MP coder), he stated that it was very difficult to access the JKA code since they had changed to a different CVS system for their next project (which is obviously Q4 but he's not allowed to talk about it). If the JKA MP coder can't easily access the JKA code from his work computer, we're probably not going to see another patch.


In addition, for JK2, we only received the SDK when they were done patching the code.


Plus, why would a subcontracted QA tester be testing on a online 1.01 game for a newer patch when they probably have inhouse servers for just this purpose?

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As I said in my post, my players were skeptical (one called her "psychotic") and I am skeptical, as are you. I am just reporting something interesting. I just thought that phrase "mid-spring 2004" had a ring of authenticity because game developers often use seasonal time frames.


As for spamming moves, the reality is that more and more servers are running faster force regeneration, so kata\butterfly\saber shield, and Force spamming is actually more widespread than you think. I actually check other busy servers' serverinfo in ASE to see what settings they use, and a lot have g_forceregentime set less than 200 (default). Some have it at zero. Many of the emails I receive are questions about force regeneration settings. My players like the faster Force regeneration a lot, although I have actually slowed it down significantly from my JK2 and Disruption server settings, in order to reduce spamming. Just today, someone posted on his clan's board that I had "ruined" the Chop Shop CTF server because he thought regeneration was slowed further, although it is the same as always (4x faster).

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