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Don't despair. The model is fixed and everything gets compiled where it's supposed to be.


Nice animation by the way, and great work on the mesh!


Anyhow, one advice, don't scale the model on the editor, just change the scale factor on the .car file b4 compiling. Good luck!

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Originally posted by CortoCG

Crap! Then something else must be wrong. Could you also send me the .car file you're using to compile it? I'm a little rusted you know, I have been learning Softimage lately and dedicated no time to JA modding.

Why would you need the car file? I can tell you it's content:

$aseanimgrab models/players/at_pt/root.xsi -loop -1
$aseanimconvertmdx_noask models/players/at_pt/root -makeskel /models/players/at_pt/at_pt -origin 0 0 -143

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