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Now that i released the Hailfire Droid i have one project less in the to do row! Jupeee!


i added a third death animation for the ATAT, i think the animations are about 80% done now. it doesnt mean we are close to releasing it, we have still lot to do.


did somebody here take a look at the bounds box of the vehicles? you know those boxes that handles the collision controle and setts the angle of visibilaty. you can make those visible by using the console comand:

cg_showvehbounds 1

these bounds boxes seems to be orinted always in the same direction. how could creat one that fits the shape of an ATAT and fits the direction of the vehicle. perhaps by putting two together or something like this.



Originally posted by MadCow1989

Back to the atat so duncan would you or Others be able to make a lil Fixing Mod that kills you when a plane takes off or a vehicle moves when inside it?

i dont think is possible to have multible players driving an ATAT in a reasonable way. the engine and the network code isnt created for that. but in fact i dont know. i think it would have no real sense in gameplay, to sit in an ATAT while anotherone is driving it just isnt fun. if the additional drivers could fire thire weapons, but that causes unsynchronisations in the network code and the ATAT hasnt weapons that are aiming independent from the head.


Originally posted by monsoontide

Is it just me or are 50% of the posts - when will 'x' be released?

No, its me too. ;)


Originally posted by Autobot Traitor

I wonder how the AT-AT affects fps in game. It's about the size of 2atst on top of eachother and pretty long.

its a good point, to have the ATAT in game but killing the fps doesnt make much sense. but the size of the model isnt that importhent for the fps, its more the number of polygons. right now about 3500, whats about the count of a detaild playermodel. but i dont know what effect will have the big maps on wich the ATAT have to be played. i will add LOD support for the ATAT, so at far distance the polygon count will lower and if the fps drops you can also lower the level of model details.

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Ever try walking under somethin bigs legs? It doesn't work. The bounding box (I think thats what it's called) prevents it. It's like how u can stand in between the wing of an xwing and the cockpit, stanging on nothing. Dang if somethin were to fix this to rely on the actualy mesh, it would rock. People would reanact Rogue Squadron 3 again and again (if it's based on ESB, I wouldn't know, I haven't watched ESB in 5-6 years, forgot what the battle on hoth was like) Heck we could make a seige map like that, that gives me an idea

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Ah, well, since the .map file is included of hoth siege, the major elements like the shield generator could be put in another map. With easygen, terrain such as hoth is no problem, the only trouble would be with the objectives. OF course, it could always be a simple ffa map.

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