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my mod, red slushie (maybe you've heard of it) is nearing completion, so maybe theres some things i could contribute here and take back with me



is there a cvs or ftp someplace? or a features list?


heres the low down on red slushie





and the public forums






the gist:


it's geared toward organized team play (competitive if you wish)


so far we have whole bunch of new maps for every gametype


remapped hud, remapped scoreboard


there will be an instagib edition or instagib as a voteable type if i can figure that out


an admin system that i'm making so it won't be abused like admin mod is


fixes to different media... no big useless flashes for the rockets, see through flags


i'm also trying to impriove gameplay in jk3, the sabers are way too flashy without any substance, and the guns are useless unless your aim is perfect as there is no hitbox




so, what have you guys done so far?



btw, if ojp devs wanna see my source and gank some, thats fine with me

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